Noise Pop’s Culture Club should happen all the time

The day after having our minds and eardrums blown by No Age (and company), we got to see them talk with designer Brian Roettinger of Hand Held Heart at Noise Pop’s Culture Club at Public Works. They went into detail on their album art design process, including a history of record covers through the ages and lots of stories about their time growing up in the LA punk scene, and then they showed us this great slide of David Letterman holding their album:

We think Noise Pop should host Culture Club more often! What better way to recover from a show than seeing your favorite artists up close talking about their work? Allan’s first Culture Club suggestion was a panel of all those new bands with “surfer” in their name, or who use surfing and hanging at the beach in their music and imagery. Are they really all surfers? Do they listen to Dick Dale and the Del-Tones? We want to know!

So, Noise Pop, can you guys make this happen? Invite every cool band that plays in town to hang out the next day and talk about their process or their extracurricular activities or whatever? Hey readers, what do you guys want to see and hear?

In other news, my bike’s brake was stolen while parked on Mission outside of Public Works! It wouldn’t have saved my brake (who steals a used brake?), but Public Works would really benefit from more bike parking. So, Public Works, can you get some bike racks?

Oh and if you want to watch No Age’s rad performance on Letterman, check it out.

[Photo by Honey Jets]

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