Bags is back!

It’s been more than two years since we lamented the decision by Bender’s to replace Bags with a photo booth. Hadn’t seen Bags since, until last night at Mission Hill Saloon. Bags is back!

(Plus pickle backs and great drink specials, ample bike parking and cool bathroom art — see you at Mission Hill Saloon!)

7 Responses to “Bags is back!”

  1. buzzgirl says:

    Is the player in the screen grab’s name “Vag”? Awesome.

  2. Eric says:

    Best game for a a bar ever. I spent waaay more time at Zeitgeist than I normally do when it was there.

  3. timbo says:

    I love virtual Bags as much as the next guy. It sure beats the hell out of Golden Tee. But I propose that bars around here should really catch the spirit of cornhole (as those of us from the Ohio River Valley call it; Bags originates in Chicago-land) and starts setting up cornhole courts at the bars, along with accompanying tournaments.

    In the interim, Mission Mission should sponsor a cornhole tourney in Dolores Park. I will gladly lend my boards to the effort, in exchange for waiving my entry fee.

    Who’s with me?

  4. billfrog says:

    I second the cornhole tourney idea. My boards are crappy, but will lend them to the cause if they’re wanted.

  5. tastr says:

    Come on, Allan, let a brother know when you’re at the saloon next time. I’m just up the block!

  6. susan says:

    YES! I love Bags! Well done benders!

  7. Heather says:

    This is so exciting!!!