Nesquik bunny dances to patriotic Jesus

Our pal Andy was shooting on Mission down towards the SOMA and caught this priceless “only in San Francisco” moment.  Take the Nesquik bunny’s advice: when confronted by an intense gentleman wearing a red, white, and blue “HE ONLY LOVE YOU JESUS” shirt shouting profusely about how only the aforementioned son of man can save us from terrorists, make like Lady Gaga and just dance.



Women Dancing on the Women’s Building

Cat Party at Bender’s

15 Responses to “Nesquik bunny dances to patriotic Jesus”

  1. batman says:

    DOOD ! that extra special crack is back in suppliy in the city …. every few months the batch of crack get good enough to get ppl dancing .. for hours…if you pay attention you’ll see the cycle..

  2. jrksn says:

    I actually caught the same bunny at Critical Mass dancing to house music:

  3. Jacob says:

    That guy is fucking crazy; followed me four blocks screaming about Jesus. That’s how you get people to listen to you, Jesus Guy–yell at them.

    • tofupuppy says:

      Yup, this guy screamed about Jesus for a while to me around Howard or Mission a couple weeks ago. Being aggressive and angry is not getting Jesus’ message across, crazyman.

  4. JEEBUS! says:

    Glad to see this was shot with a nice camera! I can envision this clip at the beginning of a skate video or something before shit gets real!

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Ok. That’s pretty fucking brilliant right there.

  6. Joshua says:

    I saw the Bunny riding shotgun in a Pink Cadillac cruisin down 6th St.

  7. I fucked the bunny — DAMN, it was sweet!

  8. t.hanks says:

    i know it’s cliche but . . .

  9. TC says:

    I love how the bunny just keeps dancing.

  10. TC says:

    I just watched it again, they guy has some awesome fluff on his chin!

  11. kevin says:

    the video is so funny.