Brockets, ladies

Reader K-Mack (not pictured) has some advice for the gals regarding the recent rash of purse thefts in the Mission:

brockets ladies. brockets. i sew a little pocket into my bra to store money and id. no one is gonna steal that shit there unless you are letting everyone feel you up. if youre boobs are above a b cup- you can also make another one for your phone. or keep a case on your phone and store in the side of your bra. ive been doing it for years after growing up in philly and getting regularly jacked. keep lame shit in your purse you wont miss and rad stuff in the bra. works every time.

also dont put your phone in your bra without a cover or fabric case of sorts. i had a ton of fun in the sprint store figuring out my phones were shorting out from boob sweat. and no, i dont have profusely sweaty boobs. [link]

Thanks, K-Mack!

[Photo by Blythe Keller]

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