Saturday: midnight bike ride courtesy of Mission Bicycle

Have you ever taken a midnight bike ride to Ocean Beach? It’s great. When you get to Golden Gate Park, all you can hear in the darkness is the wind whooshing by and the gentle clicking of your freewheel. Every time I look out on the ocean with my bike by my side, I think, “I am lucky to live here”. If you want in on this awesomeness, it’s easy: just wait around outside Bender’s on Wednesday night until Andrew Sarkarati comes out, and follow him.

If you don’t like hanging out in front of bars waiting for motivated drunk cyclists to trickle out, Mission Bicycle Company is hosting their own midnight bike ride this Saturday. The meetup location will be announced on on the day-of. Sounds like an awesome way to spend Saturday night if you don’t plan on partying too hard prior to midnight. If you do, perhaps your chances of getting a BUI will be greatly diminished when you’re riding in a big group. It may be best to stay presentable though, since this ride will apparently be filmed for a short movie.

[via Mission Bicycle]

2 Responses to “Saturday: midnight bike ride courtesy of Mission Bicycle”

  1. buzzgirl says:

    You guys, this is so fun! I’ve done the MMR a few times, and it’s always a great group of people, and there’s a strict “no rider left behind” policy.

    On the other hand, I’m black and will be wearing a hoodie, so, you know, beware.

  2. Cn says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Found this thru the beecon app! See you there!