Mission Vegan: New vegan store, coming soon to Valencia Street

Dudes, we are getting our own vegan storefront. And it is within a slow 60 second walk of my casita! The owners announced it on the Facebook last week, so yes, I am fashionably late to the party, but I’m still excited to be there!

The shop will be called Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile and will open May 1. I, for one, am planning to race over there on my lovely but old and slow bicycle after work as fast as my two little legs will carry me and then spend as much of my paycheck as I can muster on delicious and/or beautiful vegan items.

OK and yes, let’s put it out there: being a pinko and running a store where consumers part with their money might seem a but contradictory. But look at our neighborhood culture: Ritual and Little Star have commie-influenced logos, so Pinko’s is hardly the first communist/ capitalist establishment here, mkay?

12 Responses to “Mission Vegan: New vegan store, coming soon to Valencia Street”

  1. ConspiracyDude says:

    Ritual and Little Star have as much to do with Communism as a Che Guevara shirt worn by a college junior studying abroad in Prague.

  2. mewr says:

    can someone please shove some cheese down this girl’s throat so she can shut up about being vegan?