Mission Vegan: Burrito from Casita de Carolina

Carolina is my Spanish name.

Yesterday’s post on making your own burritos at home had me practically chomping at the bit to get home from work and make a burrito of my very own for dinner.

I’m totally with D. Jon Moutarde on this: I think homemade burritos are aces! Why?

  1. Customizability. Jon mentioned going to your favorite taqueria and watching them make your burrito, right? Well, what if you like the beans from one taqueria and the rice from another? At home, you can control all the variables and add as much guacamole as you want. (If you don’t have a recipe for guac you’re married to, try this one from the guy I’m married to.)
  2. Flexibility. My burrito tonight featured leftover quinoa mixed with Casa Sanchez salsa in lieu of traditional Spanish rice. I love how burritos accommodate my laziness!
  3. Peace of mind. Vegans, have you ever watched a taqueria employee squirt a dollop of not-on-the-ingredients-list unidentifiable liquid onto your burrito’s veggies while they were cooking? And have you spent the rest of the meal trying to figure out whether you should have asked what it was? And then kicked yourself for turning into Woody Allen? Making your burrito at home helps you avoid this stuff.

Skeptics, I can hear you already.

Your complaint #1: My burrito looks bland/ dry/ unappetizing. My answer: Aforementioned omnivorous husband was eating an al pastor burrito from El Castillito while I was eating my hippie version, and I offered him a bite of mine. His response, “Mmm. This is really good. Really flavorful.” He wasn’t faking, I could tell.

Your complaint #2: My burrito isn’t authentic. My answer: Compared to what?

One last thing: I want to add a tip to Jon’s list… Tip #4: Use the foil. It makes a difference in keeping the whole shebang together.


11 Responses to “Mission Vegan: Burrito from Casita de Carolina”

  1. suckerpunch says:

    I have no problem with people making burritos at home. I mean if you have leftovers of various items, then sure, wrap it up in a tortilla and go for it.
    I just would never make a burrito at home if I had to go to the store for all of the ingredients. To do so seems to defeat the purpose of a burrito in the first place.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Hmm… what is “the purpose of a burrito in the first place”?

      • suckerpunch says:

        Quick, easy, transportable, cheap… those sorts of things.

        • scum says:

          To put in your pocket on a cold day.

        • D. Jon Moutarde says:

          Sounds like a definition of my ding-a-ling!

          Seriously, what about delicious and Big-Daddy-Ed-Roth-customizable?

          OK, I get it — you’d rather buy them from someone else. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to get you to make your own burgers instead of buying them from Wendy’s.

          • suckerpunch says:

            its all about the L.O.E… Burrito’s= High (unless you happen to already have most of the ingredients), burgers= Low.

            But thats just for me, please don’t take offence since I’d rather buy my burritos while out.

  2. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Regarding complaint #2: I’m thinking about making one with cannellini, spinach and polenta. Sue me, Latin America!

  3. Brillo says:

    is this the same website that makes fun of Chipotle?

  4. skeptical says:

    Is that fucking quinoa in that thing? Travesty.

  5. KyleM says:

    The bit is the thing that goes behind the horse’s teeth and holds the reigns in it’s mouth. If you CHOMP it you will break your teeth. You can, however, CHAMP at the bit and be just fine.