Valencia swing is back, this time with glorious streamers

You knew it was only a matter of time before the whimsical fun squad struck back against both the city and the fun-hating grinches determined to keep Valencia Street free from pendulum tyranny.  And this time they’ve done it in grand festive style, with glorious streamers to accentuate the riders’ flight as they glide through the air (while respectfully watching out for pedestrians, of course).  Furthermore, eagle-eyed readers may notice that the cord on this new swing matches the orange and black braiding of the original swing before it was hacked down by misinformed neighborhood vigilante Carmen Castillo, suggesting that this may be the work of the originators!

We can only wonder how long this incarnation lasts before the anti-fun police have their way, but for now both the young and young-at-heart have a new toy with which to play.


19 Responses to “Valencia swing is back, this time with glorious streamers”

  1. SheWhoClimbsTrees says:

    Yes, the people who put this baby up are the same folks who put up the swing Mrs Castillo cut down as well as the one with steel cables. However they are not the originators. The original had a plain rope and a painted seat.

    -Member of the whimsical fun squad.

  2. new says:


  3. The Tens says:

    The one time I walked by the swing in action some dickhead almost took an old lady’s head off. Sign me up with the anti-fun police.

  4. The swings should multiply exponentially every time one is cut down.

  5. bikes boys trees says:

    has anyone even noticed that the branch the swing keeps getting hung is CRACKED at the union with the trunk? super genius swingers, I tell you.

  6. wizzer says:

    The morons of Valencia St.

  7. The Truth Be Told says:

    SF is so anti-child that the old people are cutting down our new playgrounds.

  8. GG says:

    Someone who lives nearby should provide a live webcam stream of the swing, so we can watch Old Lady Crazytown cut it down again and/or place over/under bets on how long it will remain up.

    • Melissa says:

      Or at least a volunteer sign up sheet wherein someone checks on it every hour. That counts as “grassroots community involvement” for my resume, right?

  9. No fish today says:

    that asshole is too big for that swing.

  10. Obbop says:

    Fascinating story and comments.

    Observing from afar from atop the Ozark Plateau.

    Current home of a wandering Disgruntled Old Coot residing in a shanty amidst the ridges and hollers of a locale where road-kill ‘possum stew Ma cooks up in the kettle in the front yard next to the old Chevy lawn ornament perched on concrete blocks.

    Yeah, over yonder on the other side of the awesome Sierra Nevada range and even the Rocky Mountain High impediment to horse and buggy travel.

    The ongoing plight of the Valencia swing has been monitored and reported upon locally:

    As an ex-East Bayer I still miss Herb Caen’s column and engorging myself with Red Java House double cheese burgers on a sourdough roll.



    A wonderful week to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!