Dance with your purse!

MM reader Genea recently spotted this informative bathroom PSA and adds:

As we all know, shit gets stolen at bars in our neighborhood. Let’s start a new campaign that might end with a few less girls crying about their lost iPhones at the end of the night….

And if dancing with your purse is too annoying, don’t forget that there’s always brockets!


4 Responses to “Dance with your purse!”

  1. Audrey says:

    Can someone do me a favor and paint up “Don’t Steal Purses”too?

  2. animal says:

    fucking delirium

  3. new says:

    wait, so you’re telling me there are actually people in this world who think they can go in public, intoxicated, leave valuable items unattended and unwatched, and expect they will still be there when they return???