Plastic bag street art


There seems to be a new street art movement sweeping the neighborhood (or perhaps just 23rd St), and you’ve still got a chance to get in on the ground floor! And you don’t even have to have a real plastic bag–even a torn tortilla wrapper will do!

Whether it’s commentary on environmentalism (Greenland’s ice sheets are melting!) or consumerism (weren’t plastic bags outlawed in SF?), or merely the work of some bored homeless dude is up to you, but you’ve at least got to admire the variety here.

Also, FYI, none of these can be recycled in your apartment’s street-side bin (only HARD plastic can be), so tell your dumb housemates to stop throwing these in with the recycling!

13 Responses to “Plastic bag street art”

  1. scum says:

    A lot of plastic bags can be recycled now. If it has the little triangle it’s good to go.

    • Erik says:

      The stuff that the bags are made of can be recycled, but a lot of recyclers can’t take bags because they are practically impossible to sort. They can’t be torn open easily and constantly tangle and jam in machinery.

      • Evan says:

        Correct… SF is one of those places that doesn’t recycle plastic bags, even if the bags say they’re recyclable.

  2. Sfnola says:

    Question- is something finally happening with that eyesore of an ex-gas station at 23rd and Valencia?

  3. SlideSF says:

    Free portable toilets for street people. So they don’t have to use the BART escalator.

  4. tessa says:

    Re recycling these – you have to go out of your way to recycle these, but you can if you care to. There are recycling bins for plastic bags in front of safeway stores; sometimes other groceries. In theory they are made into something like pavement or flip flops or something; and in theory they are not shipped overseas. . . NEVER put them in the blue bins please – city recycling can’t handle them yet.

  5. DJM says:

    You can fill the bags with cat sand and save them for when you need to build levees to keep the rising ocean from flooding The Mission.

  6. Geno says:

    You could always place one over your head and see how long it takes to choke out while reading this fascinating entry about plastic bags tied to a cyclone fence.