The new Real World: San Francisco crew is probably coming to Debaser tonight

Not the Puck one, but the new one who lives over off Polk by the Hemlock. Jaime Jams ran into one of them the other day and had this exchange:

I just walked down to the Real World House, and I met one of the girls, Jamie, who’s on the show. And she says “Yeah, totally we’ll bring the whole gang down” to Debaser. “TV cameras and all.” Haha.

Whether or not they actually show up, tonight’s Debaser should be a blast either way.


17 Responses to “The new Real World: San Francisco crew is probably coming to Debaser tonight”

  1. bro says:

    It’s “Hemlock” not “The Hemlock” you fucking clown

  2. Johnny says:

    Now we get MTV updates. Damn this blog is going downhill.

  3. Andy says:

    I been calling it “the hemlock” for ten years. Opps, you fucking clown.

  4. Bob Dole says:

    Real World MM.

  5. tuffy says:

    Also, that promo shot is pretty good concise snapshot of everything that is wrong with SF.

    Using this as an incentive to go is even worse.

  6. dexter says:

    hemlock is a street, the hemlock is a place you go to see a band you only kind of like and throw up on the shoes of a bro wondering into the wrong polk bar. also, that’s the cast of real world portland, where i am vacationing from newly returned burners and assholes whole care about stupid shit like this.

  7. dexter says:

    also, i just realized i don’t say the hemlock, it’s just hemlock.

  8. friend says:

    i don’t think the people in this picture are real. no one is that shiny.

  9. Clay says:

    So did they show up?

  10. randsghost says:

    if mtv actually cared about ‘m’ they would have used the fact that it’s the old avalon ballroom site to turn the real world into a crash pad for touring bands to flop when they’re coming through town for shows…now that would be interesting, or at least music related

  11. TheBrenna says:

    Stay out of Bernal! It’s the last place for locals.

    • Locals Only! says:

      I’m pretty sure the Bayview/Hunter’s Point projects are still a place for locals. You’d probably be able to avoid transplants in the projects on the backside of Potrero Hill, too.

    • EBleeze says:

      No it’s not. I’m not a local, and I’ve been living there for years.