The safest bicycle parking spot in the whole city

Right on the illustrious corner of 6th and Mission.  What do you think, guys?  Is it still there?

5 Responses to “The safest bicycle parking spot in the whole city”

  1. Haggie says:

    My beat? Still there, but covered in human feces.

  2. tim k says:

    poor guy/girl

  3. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    Before I was fat and lazy, I would go to Yoga to the People a couple times a week and park my bike on the northeast corner of that intersection. Never had any problems, but my bike isn’t too flashy either.

    I also once locked my bike out front of Giordano Brothers for a whole weekend and the only thing missing when I came back was my light.

  4. TinyTim says:

    Probably an SF Police bait bike.