Just got a note from Doc Pop:

Our new iPad game, SquirrelWarz, launched today for iPads everywhere! See it on iTunes.

To celebrate, the team and I are getting together for the $10 burger and a beer night at Dr. Teeth. Come hang out and play SquirrelWarz with us from 7pm-9! We’ll probably be in the back patio. If we reach #1 in the app store, drinks are on us.. in other words it’s buy your own beer, but DT is amazing and cheap.

The trailer (starring Dr. and Mrs. Pop) is pretty good:

5 Responses to “SquirrelWarz”

  1. bobwhobuilds says:

    I thought white men who make apps are what is destroying this city?

  2. Sfkix says:

    It cost $0.99.

  3. Diktar FriteLuupch says:

    Who pays 99 cents for an app? Kids whose parents paid for their college.