Airbnb’s campaign headquarters are on Mission Street

Why does Airbnb need a campaign headquarters you ask? Why, because they’re running for President of the New World Order, of course!

Capp Street Crap was on the scene:

The battle against a Nov. 3 ballot initiative to put the reins on vacation rentals will be led from the corner of 20th and Mission streets.

This afternoon, supporters of Airbnb-sponsored San Francisco for Everyone were busy cleaning windows on the former T-Mobile space at 2401 Mission St. Desks had already been set up inside, although a woman working outside told me their campaign office won’t officially open there until August 15.

Read on for lots more on the space and the campaign itself.


4 Responses to “Airbnb’s campaign headquarters are on Mission Street”

  1. no thanks says:

    supporters? you must mean well-compensated goons. AirBNB’s gonna drop a small fortune spinning this to voters, their opposition has common sense on their side, but no dollars, so you can bet that initiative is going to eat shit. Enjoy handing your keys over when your landlord decides to go into the hotel business.

  2. Nick Pal says:

    This is a great opportunity! This is not a small business that might deserve any of our sympathy, not adding anything to the neighborhood (except a self-interested attempt to buy public support), not supporting a good or even important cause, and a great allegory for the problems AirBnB is creating for San Francisco purely because they want to succeed as a business! Is AirBnB a scapegoat? Sure! But I am pretty sure it can handle a little heat, since it is an unaccountable corporation backed by powerful interests and is enjoying all of the attendant benefits of that! Do the people who are working in this building deserve our sympathy? No! They could be doing literally anything with their lives and they choose to be shilling for AirBnB.

    I, for one, will be peeing on this building!