MM Bloody Marython: 500 Club

Our first stop on the tour was also one of the most popular suggestions in the comments back when we posted about this ludicrous idea, and  the reason for this soon became apparent as the 500 Club steadily filled to capacity within minutes of our arrival.  Rachel, the resident bloody mary specialist, attracted quite a following and the cheerful patrons contributed to a raucous atmosphere despite the early hour.  By 12:30pm, it was almost like there was a party inside, and it was clear that many of patrons were regulars who made it a mission to visit every Saturday.

We had prepared for the event by specifically abstaining from breakfast because that’s the whole reason why a bloody mary exists in the first place (right?).  This was a wise decision, as Rachel’s bloody proved to be the ultimate “breakfast in a cup” and basically ended up being an alcoholic salad.  All manner of vegetables found their way into the mix: celery, pepperocinni, olives, pickled green beans, asparagus, and even okra (!!??!!), among others.  However, the real draw was of course the bacon, and not some thin wimpy bacon either, but a nice thick slab of crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside sustenance-providing bacon that provided a solid absorbent for some of the early alcohol.

Also notable about Rachel’s bloody was the spiciness factor.  There was a solid kick of pepper to help rouse your senses and the zest of the vegetables and tomato disguised the taste of the copious amount of vodka in the drink.  Some commenters complained that this was spiciness for spiciness’ sake rather than for taste, but we didn’t find it to be too overwhelming.  Rachel also made use of what the Elixir bartender revealed was the secret ingredient, which was Old Bay spice, so aspiring bloody mary mixologists should keep that in mind for future concoctions.

In all, the 500 Club provided a solid start with what many felt was the best bloody mary in the city, and also managed to nourish us sufficiently before we continued on our tipsy journey.  There’s a real sense of community there every Saturday morning, and we could definitely see ourselves coming back here next week to join in on the fun again!

[Photo by Erika]

Bathroom-Fried Bacon


Yummm.  The salivating aroma of bacon wafted out of a doorway normally reserved for the vilest odors.  Inside, clever hobo ingenuity conspired to craft a warm, delicious breakfast.  I took advantage of the opportunity and recharged my phone.

Baconcamp '10: May 8

Do you love bacon in stuff? Of course you do! Well hey, guess what? Baconcamp is in the Mission this year!

Next Saturday afternoon, May 8th at Chez Poulet, you will be able to crowd around a small table with other wild-eyed baconnoisseurs and unapologetically shove folks out of the way to get at the salty goods prepared by local bacon experts. Or if you’re smart you can wait by the kitchen and snatch things off the trays as they are making their way across the room. Ah, this all brings me back to dinner at Cloyne Court Co-Op in Berkeley.

If you’re thinking about entering a bacon creation this year, be advised that bacon and eggs smiley face is old news and review the following categories:

  • Best Overall – This is the audience choice award.  All attendees will have a chance to vote.
  • Top Savory
  • Top Sweet – a dessert or candy
  • Top Condiment or Drink – sauces, infusions, seasonings
  • Inspired – best presentation inspired by bacon.  This category is for art, sculptures, photographs, demonstrations, poems, stories, music, etc.
  • Inventive – most creative use of bacon.  it’s unexpected and tasty
  • Photogenic – when you see a picture of it, you want to lick your screen

More info at

Makin' Bacon 2 & Sausage 101!

Whoa!  So I don’t mean to start a Mission Mission sausage fest, but I came across an ad for this and got stoked:

Union SF Presents: The Classics: Makin’ Bacon and Sausage 101!

Let us demystify the process of curing and smoking your own bacon. We will also demonstrate sausage blending, and provide some simple tricks that can transform a basic cut of pork into something to savor.

Led by Rick Abruzzo and organized by members of Slow Food, this intimate workshop will first focus on the basic bacon-making technique of flavoring, curing, and smoking your own slab of pork belly. We’ve selected a savory dry cure recipe, and Rick will lead a demo and tasting of two bacon recipes.

Yep.  It’s Sunday, December 6th from 1-4 p.m. at $25/person.  2125 Bryant Street between 19th and 20th.  More info here.

Good idea or bad idea?:  Make this a swine flu benefit with the tagline “Cure swine flu by curing swine.”