Bathroom-Fried Bacon


Yummm.  The salivating aroma of bacon wafted out of a doorway normally reserved for the vilest odors.  Inside, clever hobo ingenuity conspired to craft a warm, delicious breakfast.  I took advantage of the opportunity and recharged my phone.

9 Responses to “Bathroom-Fried Bacon”

  1. Not Me! says:

    Possibly the most pointless post at Mission Mission ever. Slow weekend?

  2. Marianne says:


  3. Could rancid hobo bacon prepared in the most vile of places be the next hot trend for Foodies in SF? Only 7×7 knows for sure.

  4. tacotron says:

    So thaaaat’s where they cook the bacon on monday’s at Pop’s

  5. Vic Wong says:

    eww, he doesn’t even have the grease-collecting trough set up. Someone’s gonna slip on that bacon fat