Baconcamp '10: May 8

Do you love bacon in stuff? Of course you do! Well hey, guess what? Baconcamp is in the Mission this year!

Next Saturday afternoon, May 8th at Chez Poulet, you will be able to crowd around a small table with other wild-eyed baconnoisseurs and unapologetically shove folks out of the way to get at the salty goods prepared by local bacon experts. Or if you’re smart you can wait by the kitchen and snatch things off the trays as they are making their way across the room. Ah, this all brings me back to dinner at Cloyne Court Co-Op in Berkeley.

If you’re thinking about entering a bacon creation this year, be advised that bacon and eggs smiley face is old news and review the following categories:

  • Best Overall – This is the audience choice award.  All attendees will have a chance to vote.
  • Top Savory
  • Top Sweet – a dessert or candy
  • Top Condiment or Drink – sauces, infusions, seasonings
  • Inspired – best presentation inspired by bacon.  This category is for art, sculptures, photographs, demonstrations, poems, stories, music, etc.
  • Inventive – most creative use of bacon.  it’s unexpected and tasty
  • Photogenic – when you see a picture of it, you want to lick your screen

More info at

5 Responses to “Baconcamp '10: May 8”

  1. Gah says:

    The best ever group on FB is “BACON LOVING HIPSTERS CAN KISS MY VEGAN ASS”. It pertains to articles like these, as bacon is a fucking abomination on the food world and wont even come close to the “good” you do for the world by riding a bike.

    Go fuck yourself missionmission. The mission is under 5 years away from becoming the marina. Mark my words….

  2. karen says:

    Mmm. I love bacon! Can’t wait to sample all the delicious dishes people make.

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