Makin' Bacon 2 & Sausage 101!

Whoa!  So I don’t mean to start a Mission Mission sausage fest, but I came across an ad for this and got stoked:

Union SF Presents: The Classics: Makin’ Bacon and Sausage 101!

Let us demystify the process of curing and smoking your own bacon. We will also demonstrate sausage blending, and provide some simple tricks that can transform a basic cut of pork into something to savor.

Led by Rick Abruzzo and organized by members of Slow Food, this intimate workshop will first focus on the basic bacon-making technique of flavoring, curing, and smoking your own slab of pork belly. We’ve selected a savory dry cure recipe, and Rick will lead a demo and tasting of two bacon recipes.

Yep.  It’s Sunday, December 6th from 1-4 p.m. at $25/person.  2125 Bryant Street between 19th and 20th.  More info here.

Good idea or bad idea?:  Make this a swine flu benefit with the tagline “Cure swine flu by curing swine.”

Slow Food Nation Coffee Pavilion: Ridiculous and Educational

Paolo over at Eater had this to say in his Slow Food Nation wrap:

The Coffee Pavilion was the most ridiculous area and consequently, the most educational, because you had to learn if you wanted to taste. The best part: when pouring each cup, the (very nice) barista started each time with “This farm you are tasting right now is…” We learned a lot about Ecuadorian shade patterns.

I love learning about shade patterns! Anyone else learn anything else interesting? Note that the coffee pavilion was curated in part by Eileen Hassi of Ritual Roasters. Well done, Eileen!

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