My Day So Far

I got to the F-Market stop at Embarcadero and tried to open my umbrella. But the metal parts broke into my finger and blood starting dribbling down. My iPod was blaring but i couldn’t turn it down because of my bloody finger and the umbrella. The F arrived and people started getting off, others lined up to get on. This large 300 lb guy got off and just stood in front of me while I tried to close my umbrella nicely and not into the faces of people lined up. I scooted towards the F so he could pass by. He yelled at me “you COULD move over” so i yelled “you COULD not be so fat!” And then I moved into the line when it was polite to. I was wearing my retainers so it sounded like “yuch could not be such fatsh!”. Over my iPod, i heard someone in the line gasp.