The Poetry Store Will Save Your Unvalentining Ass

Tonight is your opportunity to a) support the arts and b) get yourself out of that Valentine’s day hole you’ve dug.

The Poetry Store is featured at Secession gallery’s show opening tonight, enhancing already awesome photos by Armand of Mission Loc@l and Julie of i live here: SF.

Armand + Silvi

Julie + Silvi

Freshly crafted poems in bottles go a long way, guys:

Secession, on Mission between 29th and 30th (across from Safeway). The opening runs from 6:30-9:30.

Mission Loc@l Discussing Mission Mission

Don’t worry, we’re definitely just kidding around.


Awkward Cult Dance Party

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 12.56.23 PM

I have no idea what the article is about because I don’t have the requisite patience to read a 6 page article / 1,466 words*, but Mission Loc@l has a pretty epic picture of Cafe Gratitude being all culty.

* From NeoOffice via copy and paste

Previously on Mission Mission:

MEDIA WATCH: Mission Loc@l Attempts To Americanize Mission Icon

Screen shot 2009-10-06 at 11.07.11 AMDid anyone else spot this in Mission Loc@l?  ”Mr. Pickles in a cowboy hat.”  Cowboy hat? This is the most disgusting attempt at assimilating a Mission icon into American culture to date.

Peep this, East Bay journalism students: if you are going to slam our neighborhood’s favorite pickle’s unfettered sense of style, do it right:


(On a side note, searching for “Mexican Cowboy Hat” in google images is not quite what I expected)

Mission Loc@l Launches Redesign, Headers and Shady Credit Advertisements Match!

mission local screen cap


Mission Loc@l Staff Happy Hour

Mission Loc@l Staff Happy Hour

You know you want to go:

“Wednesday July 8th Happy Hour with Mission Loc@l staff-6 p.m. at Shotwell’s on the corner of Capp & Shotwell.”

Did you know that Shotwell and Capp intersected?  I didn’t!