Art With Impact

Tomorrow (4/15) from 6-10pm a new non-profit, Art With Impact, is having a fundraiser at Noma Gallery.

There will be music from DJs, Wam Bam Ashleyanne and DJ Radius. You can be involved in some kind of live video performance piece, plus enter a raffle and eat and drink your little heart out.

It sounds pretty rad. you can get tickets here.

Where the Wild Things Argh!


This rules.  SFist’s Brock Keeling writes an enthralling review of his experience at the Where the Wild Things Are screening and afterparty (well, the afterparty, at least).  All this hoopla was held as a benefit for 826 Valencia, the Mission nonprofit/pirate store – you know, the place that “makes people feel good via honing the writing skills of those less fortunate.”

I suggest you read this wonderful account in full and throw your head back in smug laughter. Finding more reason to dislike Dave Eggers and appreciate Brock Keeling will make you feel so, so self-satisfied and thoroughly enlightened.   Probably a bit like how Dave Eggers feels himself ALL THE TIME.  Shit-eating grins everywhere!

God, I hope Dave Eggers doesn’t fuck this movie up.  The previews look pretty amazing, no?