That afternoon between the building glow

Behind 826 Valencia.

Sound Advice From 826 Valencia

Snapped in front of 826 Valencia.

Thinking about seahorses is what gets me through the day, really… even though my spirit animal is technically the honey badger.

Also, it might be time to start a new blog:


Made By Mexicans!
Save Haiti With Your Stinky Yoga Mat
You Should Come In. Yeah.

Comix, Fantastic Foxes, Filthy Wolf Suits

I was checking out the Cartoon Art Museum and saw this sweet original page from Spain Rodriguez‘ “Mission Nites” comic. The first panel is sorta surreal, huh? That dollar store used to be an 89-cent store! Those run-down theaters actually were open at some point!

They also have a small but undeniably awesome exhibit of some sets and puppets from the recent Wes Anderson movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. These sexxy puppets should tide you over until Furcon 2010. It’s running until Jan. 10 so get down there and cough up $6 ($4 if you have a student ID or passable forgery).

Speaking of fur suits, you probably walked right by 826 Valencia and didn’t realize that Max’s real (and apparently filthy) “Where The Wild Things Are” wolf suit is chillin’ in their window. Ewww, betcha it’s covered in boogers and cookie crumbs.

(via emblem30‘s flickr)

P.S. Go ahead, tell me all about how pretentious you think Wes Anderson movies are.

P.P.S. Should I buy a home in Concord?

Where the Wild Things Argh!


This rules.  SFist’s Brock Keeling writes an enthralling review of his experience at the Where the Wild Things Are screening and afterparty (well, the afterparty, at least).  All this hoopla was held as a benefit for 826 Valencia, the Mission nonprofit/pirate store – you know, the place that “makes people feel good via honing the writing skills of those less fortunate.”

I suggest you read this wonderful account in full and throw your head back in smug laughter. Finding more reason to dislike Dave Eggers and appreciate Brock Keeling will make you feel so, so self-satisfied and thoroughly enlightened.   Probably a bit like how Dave Eggers feels himself ALL THE TIME.  Shit-eating grins everywhere!

God, I hope Dave Eggers doesn’t fuck this movie up.  The previews look pretty amazing, no?