2011 Pop’s tricycle race recap

Pop’s July 4th Tricycle Race was a blast! Where else can you see Captain America, Batman, a state trooper, a Native American, a topless Mexican wrestler, some random old dude, and Elvis barrel down the sidewalk full-speed and drunkenly collide with stuff? Ok, maybe the Lombard Big Wheel Race… and Bay to Breakers.

Elvis and Raquel (the Native American babe) faced off in the final round, which is good because they had sweet costumes. I wont spoil it for you, but both of them were hella fast. Raquel’s handlebar-leg clearance helped a lot. Genetics are a bitch. Still, somehow Elvis was able to get by with pure technique. Could it be that he actually trained for the event? Is that considered cheating?

See below for the thrilling video of the final match: