Mathieu Verbeeck and Catherine Crevels, tech couple and evictors of Mission mother and daughter

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SF Magazine reports:

Though S.F. has proven to be an inhospitable place for renters the last several years, the circumstances surrounding this eviction are particularly startling. It seems that Malliett’s new landlords—Mathieu Verbeeck, a VP of product development at Mubi, and Catherine Crevels, a marketing manager at Intuit—are testing out a novel strategy for ejecting tenants. They contend that Malliett and her daughter are causing a “nuisance” by living in a unit that lacks the proper permits. The Board of Supervisors has already blocked landlords from evicting tenants of illegal units simply because they are illegal, but here the owners are taking a different approach—one that tenants’ rights advocates are concerned will create a worrying precedent.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a tenant accused of nuisance for living in an illegal unit,” says tenant rights attorney Joseph Tobener, whose firm is representing Malliett. And what, pray tell, is the nuisance cited in the legal notice? “Defendant’s usage of gas or electrical appliances is dangerous.” That’s right: Only in San Francisco do you stand to lose your rent-controlled apartment for boiling water.

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Mondrian Volvo station wagon


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Wow look at the menu for this special Katz’s Deli/Mission Cantina/Tartine event at Mission Chinese on Friday that’s already sold out

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Now please enjoy this beautiful slo-mo video of me eating a fully loaded nacho at Mission Cantina ;)

More wisdom from a Doggie Diner dog head

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2016jun_pops (1) radio aka Best Frequencies Forever is your local non-profit, bad-ass, volunteer run radio station, operating right out of the mission district. Every Thursday night, rotates their best DJs to take over the decks at Pops Bar. was recently voted “Best Radio Station” in SFWEEKLY.

This week DJ ZeroOne hosts the New Wave Dance Party. Join us for a night of post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other time- and genre-adjacent tunes. Cold beers, cool people, rad musics. So grab your BFF and hop on Pops!

Check out this week’s full music line up at Pop’s Bar:


Gutted by fire

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First-person account of Saturday’s fire on Mission Street


Photos by our friend Trusha A. and this report by our friend Malcolm M. (via our Facebook post on Saturday):

The bulk of the burning was apartments above Playa Azul–completely gutted. Blaze was uncontrolled and stoked to massive proportions by strong easterly winds. The fire department seemed to be *extremely* slow in getting hoses on it (about 20 minutes after trucks arrived). A girl who lived above Cole said she was the one who called 911 and suspected it was a trash fire behind Cole sparked by her porch smoking neighbor’s cigarette. Very sorry for the families and residents who lost almost everything, and for the local businesses and employees affected–especially much-beloved Cole Hardware. Let’s try to help them out however possible, and PLEASE let’s not allow market rate condos to be built where local shops and rent controlled apartments stood this morning.

Thanks, all.


Look at this cool Alf card I got at St. Francis Fountain


I was eating my cheeseburger last night after the game (because St. Francis is now open for dinner Friday-Sunday) when our server delivered a pack of Alf cards sent to us by a neighboring table. I really like this particular card.

(Thanks, Michael Connolly and friends!)

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Found an old receipt from Chino (RIP)

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Those wings! Those were the days.

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Prince mural in the Mission


New on Clarion Alley, by artist Mel Waters. More pics and info here.

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