3D City: Sunny Day Real Estate

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

A weekend filled with bikes, low riders, and great weather in our neighborhood. Here’s some pics in case you missed it. All shot on a Fuji FinePix digital camera, which I’m still working on a little review for (in short; a great digital camera, but the lenses are too far apart).

More shots after the bump.

The Bay Bridged says the SF music scene is ‘Not Dead Yet’

The popular local music entity presents the evidence in a lengthy and heartfelt blog post, which is also the official announcement about this upcoming festival:

La Rondalla is hiring!

[via Ariel Dovas on Twitter]

Drone-assisted selfie by Amit Gupta

[via SFist]

Why it’s a bad idea to try to rob Viracocha

Judging from the music video of latest from Atmosphere, security seems pretty tight at Viracocha on Valencia and 21st. Keep that in mind next time you’re thinking about shoplifting that moss-covered log with the Edison bulb screwed into it.

[via Mission director and dumpling enthusiast Pete Lee]

La Lengua, has your time come?

Sure, triangular region of “La Lengua” was acknowledged first by the blogsthe ExaminerCBS local news, and even Google.

But when the real estate folks catch on, it somehow feels… wrong.

Maybe we should call it “the Really Oblique Trapezoid”, in step with recent trends? Or the “2nd Amendment Flats”. You know, because of the gun store and Eagle Donuts.

A rare opportunity to eat some Bike Basket Pies pie tonight

Nattles from Bike Basket Pies makes an appearance in this new book Ms. American Pie, and they’re celebrating its release with an event tonight at Omnivore Books! Here’s what Nattles has to say:

My friend Beth is releasing a memoir & cookbook and is demo-ing pies & speaking at Omnivore Books this Friday, April 11th! I’ll be there with fresh baked Shaker Orange pies (my recipe is in her book, too!) Join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/636391979742777/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Can’t wait!

Dolores Park right now

Downhearted hot dogs

[via Helen]

5,000 new songs added to the Nap’s Karaoke songbook

Good work, Shannon!

Nap’s Karaoke is tonight and every Thursday at Virgil’s.