Amos Goldbaum’s new Palace of Fine Arts shirt

(And/or hoodie.)

Get it online here, or just look for Amos out on the sidewalk.

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Whoa check out the new Anchor Brewing beer garden down by the ballpark!

Not open yet, but open soon, just in time for BASEBALL SEASON.

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Burrito Justice is throwing a party tonight at Bender’s!

They’re releasing their famous “Bike to Books” map as a bigass poster for you to put on your wall. Here’s the deal:

Remember the Bikes to Books Map that highlighted a bike tour connecting streets that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors renamed after 13 authors and artists? Did you say to yourself, “Oh man I loved the map, but I really wish it were bigger and had more things on it?” If so, you are in luck! Behold and gaze your eyes upon Bikes to Books 2.0, The Poster!

It’s bigger! At 3 feet by two feet, it contains over 863 square inches of history!

It’s better! It now contains 31 individuals and entities, and over 50 points of historical and literary interest, and an awesome comparison timeline that shows who lived and worked in San Francisco at the same time.

It’s faster! It’s not folded! You can readily hang it on your wall! But you’d better hurry to catch this limited run. Be the first to get one of these maps at our release party at Benders on Wednesday, March 18th, 7-9 pm. It’s like a giant Burrito Justice post that you can hold in your hands! Details below!

And tonight is the release party, at Bender’s, 7-9pm. Have a beer with a big Burrito himself!

[via Burrito Justice]

Lost Weekend Video’s rad new plan to ally with Oakland’s 1234Go! Records

Well, this is some GRAND news!  Instead of having to close their doors for good in May as they previously feared, they’re going full Voltron:

First, Lost Weekend, in partnership with Oakland’s 1234Go! Records, will be relaunching the Valencia Street location on April 18th (Record Store Day 2015) as a new video store/record store hybrid, ready to serve all of your physical media needs. VHS, DVD, cassettes & vinyl – all in one place – with an expanded staff of enthusiastic fans ready to recommend the best in new or classic music & film.

A little bit of Oakland is just what the Mission needs right now!

Read on for the rest of the plot.

(Thanks Andy!)

Some gripes about San Francisco

One of my favorite local bloggers, anadromy, just got back from a month of travels — a month of travels which made SF’s problems a little more glaring.

And like, I know everybody’s sick of gripes about SF, but this list is particularly heartfelt and well written, and has a great denouement.

Here’s one good part:

Fuck the rapidly dwindling number of oddballs, weirdos and creative types in this city. And no, I’m not talking about the fucking bourgeois posers who work square jobs all year and then act like adolescent shitheels during Burning Man. I’m talking about the people who made different choices in life. Maybe bad choices. Choices they regretted. People who did not take SAT prep courses. People who did not spend their childhoods striving and climbing and obsessing over their class rank and extracurricular activities. Or people who did do those things but then realized how stupid and meaningless they are. People who play in bands. People who didn’t go to art school but still make art. Jesus, I probably sound like an asshole right now. But it’s real. I remember a different city with different kinds of people. True diversity, economically, racially, you name it. Trust me. What we’ve got now is a pale shadow of it. And it bums me out.

Read on.

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Music for the Mission: This week at Pop’s

A double helping of local mission based radio station in the DJ booth this Thursday & Friday night at Pops Bar! brings the Bay Area music scene to the world by championing emerging and underground artists, partnering with local venues and festivals, and sponsoring cool events. Their studio is located inside of The Secret Alley, a unique workspace that provides local San Francisco artists with a place to collaborate, palaver, scheme and dream. Every Thursday night, they venture out of the studio and into the DJ booth at Pops Bar! See what else we have in store this week at POPS:


3/16/15 MONDAY

6-9PM Blues Happy Hour with U9LIFT & TIMO

MOM at POPS: Motown on Mondays

It’s only Monday if you treat it like one.


9PM START, 1:30AM end


Check out my


Mondays at Pops






3/17/15 TUESDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Bdubs

ST. Patrick’s Day with

Tropicana Tuesdays

“Quality Latin BASS”

Every Tuesday at POPS BAR

Music: FREE (Local BayArea DJ`s)

Salsa Lesson: FREE (Instructor La Muerte)

Time: 9pm – 2am

Tropicana is BACK in town! Every TUESDAY night for the WINTER season. Bringing “Quality Latin BASS”, by playing some of the latest – up to date latino music genres.. of course respecting the classics…

With Tropicana Nights, our purpose is to create space for cultural diversity and environmental awareness. Community and music can do a lot of great positive impact in society.

Music by local BayArea DJ`s, such as Stepwise, El Kool Kyle, Mr. Lucky, Mr. E, J Boogie and more…

Salsa I LatinHouse I Latin HipHop I Moombahton I DubCumbia I Merengue I Bachata I Dancehall I LatinReggae I and more…



Wu Tang Wednesdays


Every Wednesday Night at POPS BAR

Razor Sharp Sounds sliced by DJ Kevvy Kev

Classic 90s Hip Hop

No Cover


3/19/15 THURSDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Strange Angles

BFF.FM Night


Rotating DJs from local radio! This week with Baystrife DJs Sadrave & Millenials Falcon. Best of all, you’re supporting community radio!

No Cover!


3/20/15 FRIDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Steve Brannan

Steve is a guitar player who plays and sings an eclectic mix of songs from the 60’s to the present covering blues, americana, folk, alternative and indie rock. Steve prefers the B-sides, but is happy to throw in a pop tune or two to keep the party rolling.


Friday night is prime drinking and dancing time- so you’d better get ready! Cosmic Amanda will be in her full sequined glory spinning dance tunes for you.


No Cover


3/21/15 SATURDAY

6-9PM Happy Hour Music with Tell River


with DJ Timoteo

9pm-1:30am / No Cover


3/22/15 SUNDAY

Bushman’s Bash Open Jam

Join us for an open Jam at Pop’s!


No Cover



2800 24th Street @ York

San Francisco, CA 94110

Watch this short video of fog pouring over Twin Peaks

🌁 #hyperlapse

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You’ve wanted to sing NOFX or Neutral Milk Hotel at karaoke your entire life (whether you admit it or not) AND NOW YOU CAN!

I first stumbled upon The Karaoke Underground doing a Google search for “replacements can’t hardly wait karaoke,” because no karaoke place seems to have that song even though it’s like the best song.

As I scrolled through their songbook, seeing songs by Jay Reatard and Cock Sparrer and the Detroit Cobras and the Thermals and NOFX, I was stupefied. I was sure it was some kind of prank, that it was too good to be true.

But it’s true.

A few months later I dragged a couple of my best friends to Austin to see for ourselves, and I had one of the best nights of my life, singing “Always Wanting More,” “Take ‘Em All,” “Pillar of Salt,” “Bad Girl,” and “Lori Meyers” — each and every one a song I’d never in my wildest dreams dreamed I’d get to sing at karaoke.

And it’s not just some jerk playing YouTube videos. Creators and hosts Kaleb and Hannah have made every single one of their 900+ karaoke tracks from scratch, and they’ve even gotten the blessings of certain punk rock superstars along the way. It’s a labor of love and it shows, and it will probably be one of the best nights of your life too.

One month from today, on Sunday, April 12th, 2015, KU is coming to SF for the very first time. And it’s at Rickshaw Stop, so you get to perform on a stage the actual Thermals performed on! And THE SONICS performed there last year for goodness sake! I’m gonna pass out.

Browse the (completely mind-blowing) songbook and then RSVP and invite your friends.

(I’m helping out with some promo and logistics, and I’m tremendously excited about it, so don’t be surprised if I write about it a bunch more in the coming weeks.)

Help Wanted (a poem)

I’ve been writing this blog every day
For a little over eight years
I’ve met heaps of interesting people
And conquered a lot of fears

But I’m getting older
And the neighborhood is a-changin’
And it’s starting to feel a bit like
The masthead could use some rearrangin’

I still love the Mission
And I still love this blog
I just need a little bit o’ help
A-rustlin’ up this hog

This thing’s never made a lot of money
So you couldn’t expect to get rich
But if a creative outlet and a lot of fun is what you’re after
Please continue a-listenin’ to my pitch

If you love this place
And you reckon your blogging abilities are the bomb
Please drop me a line

[Vintage staff photo via our Facebook account]

Another abandoned plan for the Mission

Looks like last night someone set about giving this neighborhood what it really needs, a ball pit.

But then things got a little too messy and they had to take care of it.