The San Francisco Forty Tenners

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Superhuman avocado

How come you never walk up to the top of Bernal Hill?

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Maybe you should go do it right now instead of listening to that podcast. Or instead of reading that article about the Super Bowl signs.

Anyway, I did it twice over the weekend and it’s real nice, in case you didn’t know. It’ll perk you right up.

A bartender’s guide to bar etiquette


We all know the bar is a great place to make bad decisions. However you always stand out when you keep it classy with good bar etiquette. Our bartenders give you their best advice to keep in mind for your night out on the town:

  1. We love prepared, polite, enthusiastic drinkers. Behave with gusto – your night will thank you for it.
  2. Before getting the bartender’s attention, know your group’s order and order all at once.
  3. Be patient. Whistling, snapping and yelling are a good way to get a dog’s attention, not a bartender’s attention.
  4. If your bartender is busy, stand in their drink well for speedier service, then move away after getting your drink.
  5. Have your money ready when you order.
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of “please” and “thank you”
  7. Never ask for a strong drink, just spring for a double.
  8. Live in the present – by tipping with every order. Never say “Get ya next time” Like you, bartenders can’t pay rent with compliments.
  9. A crowded bar is a no parking zone, move away after getting your drink.
  10. Keep your grubby paws someone else’s drink (and anyone or anything that doesn’t belong to you for that matter.
  11. No one likes a jerk. Be nice or leave.
  12. Become a regular. (We LOVE our regulars).
  13. No freebies on your Birthday, that’s what your friends are there for, to buy you drinks!
  14. The fruit try is not an all-you-can-eat buffet.
  15. Bar napkins, stir-stix, beer labels, etc are there for a purpose. That purpose is not for you to tear them up and litter the bar.
  16. The bartender only wants your iPod or iPhone if it is a gift.
  17. Think of others when using the restroom. Be quick (and clean).
  18. Leave when you’re drunk. And leave safely with a cab or designated driver.
  19. Do not smuggle in booze. The bar’s business is selling alcohol. Please don’t undermine this beautiful mission. You wouldn’t bring dinner to a restaurant.
  20. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE and engage. Maybe even buy a new friend a round?
  21. Be 21 or over.

Now that you know how to get around like a pro, check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


My main problem with the Super Bowl was that it is called “Super Bowl 50″ instead of “Super Bowl L” like it should be

But then they added insult to injury. Our pal Broke-Ass Stuart is organizing a demonstration, set to take place next Wednesday, February 3rd:

Mayor Ed Lee told homeless people they “have to leave” for the Super Bowl.

Our response: “Hey Mayor Ed Lee, No Penalties for Poverty”

We, the people of San Francisco, demand that Super Bowl City and Ed Lee pay and invest $5 million right now in housing – we could house 500 people immediately with that money.

We also demand the use of publicly-owned assets, such as the empty Pier 29 or 80, or the land under the Freeway at 101/Cesar Chavez, and create monitored programs that support secure sleep, hygienic toileting, and access to transition/healing services.

We want an end to the criminalization of poverty and the continued violations of poor people’s civil and human rights. All resources currently being used for law enforcement of anti-homeless laws must be immediately re-directed to housing and support services.

Come out in your red & gold Niners colors to #TackleHomelessness. Join the Coalition on Homelessness, First they came for the homeless, and Broke-Ass Stuart as we protest the mayor’s unjust plan and demand immediate housing for our city’s unhoused residents.

Meet up is at 4:30 in front of Sinbads on Embacadero next to the Ferry Building. We are going to set up a tent city, with plenty of visuals next to the superbowl city. Bring signs and banners and cardboard cut-outs of houses. And bring tents if you don’t mind them getting confiscated.

Read on for more info and to RSVP.

PANTS 2 GRASS a.k.a. What was it like in the park yesterday?????

We saw the gorgeous photos already; now here’s a firsthand account:

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(Thanks, Chris!)

Well it’s Thursday, time to start thinking about brunch this weekend

You could stay in the Mission:

Or you could venture up to the Lower Haight:

This literally, is like the best. Yelpers are savage. Totally random.

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Dolores Park is 100% open for the first time in YEARS

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And what a beautiful day for it!!!

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On breakdancing, and being inspired by your neighbors

I first saw breakdancing, I think, at the #BernalHeights Rec Center around 1984. Back then it was two guys in the sparkling sunshine, one with Stevie Wonder-style beaded braids and another with a shower cap on his hairdo, practicing the six step. A little later, at Rocky Mountain preschool, a dance troupe came with a boombox and a piece of cardboard, and as I spun around on the butt of my Oshkoshes, a preteen with a jheri curl and a Members Only jacket dubbed me "Lil' Turbo". The movement and possibilities and grace of the dance fascinated me, and I "practiced" in my living room for hours to the sounds of The Real Roxanne and Rappin' Duke on 107.7 KSOL. But it wasn't for another 20+ years that I had the confidence to pursue my interest in movement in a formal practice. I finally discovered my passion: #capoeira. Certainly very different from breakdancing, but in my mind arising from the same ancient font. I didn't begin learning until the age of 27, and at nearly 35 I will probably never be the guy on YouTube showing you how to do a handspring to back tuck. But as I practiced in the rec center under the moonlight tonight, I did feel wonder, nostalgia, and much gratitude for all my teachers–and to those long-gone Bernal dwellers who first inspired me to move.

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This locally produced short film is both creepier and more fun than the new X-Files

I mean I’ll watch David Duchovny in anything, but remember how the X-Files used to be really creepy and really fun? This new short film by local filmmakers David Enos and Mishell Stimson reminds me of that:

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Now please enjoy some other classic David Enos stuff…