Even the suburbs are prettier in San Francisco

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Bitchin’ Camaro does donuts on the Golden Gate Bridge

Clearly some illegal activity happening here, which the_ssnoopy_show posted on the Internet for the benefit of some 2,800 instagram fans and much to the chagrin of Stanley Roberts.


This photo makes the Mission look downright pastoral

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Sometimes readers really like to chime in on Facebook

Over the weekend I published a post called San Francisco nightlife “hot spots,” then and now. For a Sunday afternoon post, it got a lot of attention, especially on Facebook:

Soooo, follow Mission Mission on Facebook if you wanna take part ;)

What is poop?


Poop is art. If you don’t believe me, just ask the wall of butts at ATA.

Here & Far at The Roxie

Before we got a bunch of our friends together and built The Secret Alley, Noel Von Joo and I got a bunch of our friends together and spent a number of years making a strange post-zombie-apocalypse movie, When Gravity Changes. It’s about a loner who is stuck on his roof while zombies swarm beneath him, the sun has stopped rising and his only companion is a talking raccoon . . . until he finds a city of fetuses hidden in a tree. It was shot on a roof in Santa Cruz, an attic in Sacramento and a gutter on our very own Capp Street.

Noel at home.
[Noel in the fetus city set]

The movie will be showing as part of Here & Far, curated by Sarah Flores, at The Roxie this Wednesday night. Our movie will follow a bunch of other local shorts, Vacation (2014) Written and Directed by Tracy Brown, As Long as There is Plenty (2013) Written and Directed by Kenneth Vaughn, Chaos Directed by Natalie Eakin, Bequeath the Heart By Zack Von Joo & Million Year Check-up By Davenzane Hayes.

The show starts at 7pm and The Roxie Theater is at 3117 16th St., near Valencia. You can purchase tickets in advance here.

Flour tattoo

I’ve heard of getting a tattoo of your favorite flower, but getting a tattoo of your favorite flour? That’s next level.

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What’s for lunch today at Rice Paper Scissors?

Okay, looks good!

(This was really just an excuse to post the above 3D animated GIF by Doc Pop, thanks all!)

Kids draw the darnedest doom-filled birthday cards

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By the time you get to the front of this long-ass line your milk is gonna spoil

(Okay probably not, but you better cross your fingaz!) (I mean, that’s a looong line.)