One way to get a unique view of Dolores Park

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[Photo by Weimin Chen, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

You gotta start reading this blog ‘Mission to Market’


Some damn fine street photography, and updated often: Mission to Market


Should we form a separatist society and destroy all clocks?

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Last week we asked if we should all move to Stockton. And maybe we should. Or maybe we should form a separatist society, destroy all clocks and live in a dome.

Hiroshima-based artist (and longtime pal of Mission Mission) Allie Seekely explores this option in “Clockfree Persondome,” a new story/poem. Here’s an excerpt:

day 0 of the dome
initiation ceremony
come on down everybody

hammers, we brought
saws, we brought
knives, we brought
guns, we brought

hands ripped off
faces pierced and sliced
buttons smashed
gears crushed into powder

And it just gets better and better. Read on and prepare to be dazzled. (It’s a PDF, but it’s totally necessary that it be a PDF.)

Gobble Gobble! (Lot’s going on at Pop’s!)

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Pops Bar is your official spot to detox by retox from the holidays at your favorite neighborhood bar! Starting with much need MUSIC THERAPY on Wednesday night, your monthly groove session with DJ Clave spinning Electro-Cumbia beats. Join us Thursday for a neighborhood Thanksgiving day potluck, 3pm until your stuffed. Then, give thanks to the gods of heavy metal at’s Cult of Riffs event starting at 9pm. Friday, FringePop, pops in for a special cheers to the holiday with an all indie rock, indie pop and alternative dance party guaranteed to get those pumpkin pie calories burning down on the dance floor.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Two 35-year-old men talking about how the Mission used to be different, via text

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Phewf, okay, now let’s watch this vintage video of Jonathan Richman and drummer Tommy Larkins doing one of their classic sets at Make-Out Room circa 2011:

And then, I dunno, check out the Make-Out Room event calendar for goodness’ sake. Or maybe meet somebody there for a $4 PBR some time.

What’s up with that new Gus’s Community Market at 17th and Harrison?


Capp Street Crap was there for opening day:

Stopped by Gus’s Community Market for its official opening today and it was awesome. The sister store of Haight Street Market and Noriega Produce located at 17th and Harrison streets, Gus’s is large and bright with a great selection of meat, cheese and produce. The dessert selection was also pretty impressive.

Read on for more photos and analysis.

Lower Haight t-shirt emporium DSF opens popup satellite shop on 24th Street

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You know them for their famous I Can’t Afford to Love SF shirt, but you’ve probably never been to the shop because it’s in another neighborhood…

Well now’s your chance! (The popup is on 24th between Mission and Valencia, for a limited time.)

[via Devon Chulick, Mayor of the Lower Haight]

A new sneaker by Self Edge


Nice! Here’s the deal:

They’re comfortable, built very well, and the rubber/canvas/stitching quality is as good as it gets for a sneaker. The new Dessau sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan. They’re vulcanized at one of Japan’s last remaining factories still committed to this process and made from 100% cotton woven in Japan. But it’s only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you’ll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. And the bar keeps rising…taped seams, metal eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups. A new gold standard for the classic sneaker.

Check them out here, or at the original Self Edge shop near 18th and Valencia.

(Despite wanting to support local business, as a lifelong Converse All-Star man, I probably won’t make the switch, but I think they look nice and the description is very well written.)

UPDATE: Kiya adds, “(and they’re not made in a sweatshop).” I guess that’s the main thing.

The big screen at the New Mission is up and running for the first time this century

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(Of course, it doesn’t open to the public until December 17th. Check out the calendar!)

[via Alamo Drafthouse SF on Instagram]

Tomorrow is a new day

Seen in the Saint Luke’s Hospital pharmacy, this is the perfect anniversary card for your loved ones.



Photo via @down4keeps