Mission "Hipsters"

mission hipsters wait for brunch, originally uploaded by maximolly.

Yelper Jeff A., in his assessment of some random Marina bar, brought up a serious Mission-related issue, one we’ve often referred to as “crack addict or hipster?”

Jeff says:

  • Blue Light is, quite literally, the only game in town on a Tuesday night, aside from Milk. Chodes or thugs, respectively… take your pick.So here we go: Blue Light’s Taco Tuesday by the numbers, as observed over a three-hour period:
  • Tacos: $1
    Coronas: $2
    Margaritas: $3
    Nachos: $3.75
    Striped Shirts: 34
    Backwards Baseball Caps: 13 (!)
    Fake Tits: 5 pair (10)
    Volume: 8
    Douchode Quotient: 7.5
  • So yeah, it’s douche deluxe, and you’ll likely want to murder a significant fraction of the clientele, but that’s a small price to pay considering there are actual “hot chicks” here.I mean, let’s get real.
  • The other day I saw a pregnant woman at a bar in the Mission and absentmindedly (ok, “stonedly”) thought to myself, “Oh, that’s great. What a blessing.” Then I realized it was just a fat hipster.
  • This very afternoon, I happened upon a young lady crossing 16th St. wearing some sort of brightly-colored prosthetic apparatus on what appeared to be her injured leg; closer inspection revealed that it was merely a garish leg-warmer of some sort.
  • Seems like these days it’s the dope boho shizz to appear as though you have a serious health condition. I shall be teh PIMP HOTNESS of the Valencia St. corridor once my prosthetic goiter and sparkly colostomy bag arrive.

I mean, we hate the Marina, and we have no real reason to side with this Jeff A. character, but his argument is kind of solid.

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