666 Hits, Twice Today

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Thanks for all the hits.

Link and link to posts that led to this viral explosion.

Muni Overhead Wire Technicians Allowed To Double Park Outside La Taqueria

And yet I get a $65 ticket for doing it for a fraction of the time they did it. Like they’re some kind of heroes. I’m a hero too.

Monkey/Gorilla Sticker Graffiti Apes Tony Millionaire

Unless Maakies creator Tony Millionaire has relocated to the Mission and given up cartooning for street arting, somebody’s biting his shtick. Tag looks like “Ghast”. Fantagraphics ought to look into this.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution Early Evening Rooftop Concert at 24th and Mission

Had a drink at the Attic after work. Came out to find some band blaring Stones covers out a second story window. Modest crowd gathered around. Drummer was perched in a bay window. Guitarist and singer made their way out onto the overhang for a bit. Beat cops smirked and one snapped pictures with his phone.

Somebody Lost a Drumstick Last Night

Saw this at the 24th Street BART station this morning ’round 9am. Looks kind of specialized and foncy. Hope nobody’s cryin’ over it. To whoever lost it, thanks for all the percussion yesterday. Made the day fun.

Anti-War Protest Documentary with Music by LCD Soundsystem

This is my fully edited account of the early morning efforts of the March 19 San Francisco Day of Direct Action. In it, you’ll find decked-out riot police, a brass band, more twirlers, demonstrating in front of Chevron, a cable car, more Frank Chu, the Transamerica Pyramid, dancing in the streets, yelling in the streets, posters, signage, bloody hands, people in pink, motorcycles on sidewalks, blockaded intersections, and more — all set to the tune of “Big Ideas” by LCD Soundsystem.

Link to yesterday’s coverage.

Link to response at Curbed SF in which they’re debating the hipster question.

Link to Bay Area Direct Action.

More Boing Boing in Mission Bathrooms

Pesco‘s all about Mission bathrooms these days. This one‘s at Ritual Roasters.

Previously on Mission Mission: Boing Boing Spotlights Passive-Aggressive Anti-Graffiti Note at Little Star Pizza

Link to more Boing Boing-related stuff on Mission Mission.

Day of Direct Action to Stop the War: Snake March, Frank Chu and More

All will be compiled into a better longer movie later this evening.

Here is the color guard twirling their flags in unison, marching in choreographed step with the big beats provided by the brass band:

Next up is a short short shot of Frank Chu leading the snake march past a cable car on California Street:

Finally, War Mongers’ Diner perform “We Can Stop It”, to the tune of Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get It If You Really Want”:

Link to Bay Area Direct Action.
Link to War Mongers’ Diner.

Update: Here’s a cop with a big orange shotgun:

Mildred Stickers on Area Free-Weekly Racks

What kind of animal is this, why is it all zonked out, and what makes it a rip-off artist exactly?

Breaking News: Fire in the Mission

Looks to be on the block north of St. Luke’s. I called a friend that lives on that block:

Me: You’re not on fire are you?

Her: No, I’m okay. Thanks for asking. Everybody keeps calling me to ask. [...] I heard someone shouting that it was her house.

So, apparently it was someone’s house.

Update: Wow, FriendFeed debuted search just in time! I searched “mission fire” and came up with something great via Scott Beale (the same dude that hipped me to the fact that FriendFeed now has search): twitterer ceedub is right under the inferno:

Link to cee-dub on Flickr.