Anti-War Protest Documentary with Music by LCD Soundsystem

This is my fully edited account of the early morning efforts of the March 19 San Francisco Day of Direct Action. In it, you’ll find decked-out riot police, a brass band, more twirlers, demonstrating in front of Chevron, a cable car, more Frank Chu, the Transamerica Pyramid, dancing in the streets, yelling in the streets, posters, signage, bloody hands, people in pink, motorcycles on sidewalks, blockaded intersections, and more — all set to the tune of “Big Ideas” by LCD Soundsystem.

Link to yesterday’s coverage.

Link to response at Curbed SF in which they’re debating the hipster question.

Link to Bay Area Direct Action.

One Response to “Anti-War Protest Documentary with Music by LCD Soundsystem”

  1. Richard S. says:

    Nice. Reminded me a little of this:

    Take it to a more intense level, and you can get something like this (more reminiscent to me of the direct action protests I took part in during the “anti-globalization” movement):