Cecil B. Feeder's 'Meter Maid Me Massacre': 20 Minutes of Blood, Guts, Zombies and Beloved San Francisco Institutions

I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies lately. Good ones, bad ones, old ones, new ones. A common element has been that they’re generally 90 minutes long and only about 20 of those minutes are good — filled with zombies, gore and action. The other 70 minutes tend to involve talking, exposition, or irrelevant things like romance and character development.

Meter Maid Me Massacre (by local auteur Cecil B. Feeder) is 20 minutes long, and almost all 20 minutes are packed with artfully crafted gore, serious martial arts action, and topless zombie girls. The characters are paper-thin, the story is ludicrous (who drives a car in this city anyway?), and while there is a romantic subplot, it takes up all of about 30 seconds.

Early scenes take place at Zeitgeist, and the climactic final act takes place in and around Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, so be on the lookout for your favorite bartenders and brewmasters. The film screens today at 5pm as part of Another Hole in the Head at the Roxie.

2 Responses to “Cecil B. Feeder's 'Meter Maid Me Massacre': 20 Minutes of Blood, Guts, Zombies and Beloved San Francisco Institutions”

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