Tonight: Eric Drooker and His Anti-Establishment Postcards

Tonight at Modern Times, Erik Drooker appears to promote a new book of “postcards”:

Disguised as a book of innocent postcards, Slingshot is a dangerous collection of Eric Drooker’s most notorious posters. Plastered on brick walls from New York to Berlin, tattooed on bodies from Kansas to Mexico City, Drooker’s graphics continue to infiltrate and inflame the body politic.

Show starts at 7pm. Drooker is always a riot. (via funcheapSF)

Here’s hoping this one’s in the book…

Previously on Mission Mission:

Save Rent Control Poster By Eric Drooker

2 Responses to “Tonight: Eric Drooker and His Anti-Establishment Postcards”

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  2. Yell says:

    I love Slingshot! It’s a ‘zine published out of the (recently raided) Long Haul Infoshop in the East Bay. Let’s hope the raid doesn’t keep them from continuing…

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