Hippie Parents Don't Really Care About Your Wellbeing?

Imsoooconfused lost his Amtrak tickets, couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving, and got into a frightful three-way phone conversation with his maybe-hippie parents. But hopefully this thrilling video reenactment makes it all worth it :(

6 Responses to “Hippie Parents Don't Really Care About Your Wellbeing?”

  1. Bizzy Underscore says:

    The mustache. Must look excellent in the Firebird.

  2. are you all coming to our record release show on Wednesday? It’s at the stud…free 7″ with admission…c u guys there???

  3. Pete Wilson says:

    Wow! Enjoyed browsing your blog today.

  4. D. Jon Moutard says:


    Whoa… that sounds so ’80s! I told my parents to fuck off forever several years ago, and they didn’t talk to me any where as near as nasty as that.

  5. phlavor says:

    Ahhh, the “me” generation, at least we can learn from their mistakes.