Street Art by Doodles

We’ve come across this artist’s work before, but now we’re able to put a name to the face. Meet doodles, an Oaklander who occasionally comes over to beautify the Mission. Closeup of above piece here.

Phat Philly is OPEN


Berlin Neighborhoods Map


“Conor from South Van Ness” just sent in this puzzling remix of that San Francisco neighborhoods print by Ork Posters we all love so much. The artist explains:

I did a semester abroad in Berlin and since moving to San Francisco have often noticed similarities between the cities. It’s possible to draw compelling comparisons between different districts in Berlin and San Francisco. Kreuzberg is Berlin’s mission district, with an older Turkish population gradually being replaced by young, hip Berliners who are into street art and reggae music. Schöneberg is likewise Berlin’s version of the Castro – affluent, trendy, and gay. There are of course limitations to the comparisons, but a lot of them fit quite well.

Somebody wanna turn it into a t-shirt?

Previously on Mission Mission:

Guten Tag! Mission Burritos in Berlin!

Rules Signage at Arinell Pizza

Audrey from awww damn just posted a nice little photo essay about the hand-drawn signs explaining the house rules to patrons at Arinell Pizza. Lots more here. (Thanks, Plug1!)

Roxie Retrofit

The Roxie is looking at making some changes, and they’re interested in some feedback from the community. The historic theater is under new management, and they want to make the place great again, so here’s what they want to know:

Is it the programming?  Less documentaries?  Repertory programming?  Midnight movies?

What about a membership program that included talks with local directors or classes or VIP access to local events?  Discounts to local merchants? Would you be willing to pay $5/month for a membership program like that?

Is it the seats? Do you honestly really care about the damn seats?  Would you rather have us invest money into a coherent visible marquee for showtimes or new seats with cupholders?

Is it the concessions? Do you want to see organic local gourmet treats? Maybe – but are you willing to pay more for them?  Or are you perfectly happy to have Skittles be your dinner during the 6:00pm show?

What about music events?  Would you pay extra to see your favorite local band before the 8:00pm show?

What about film contests? Are you one of those people that gets off on the 48 Hour Film Festival and your shot at a potential 15 min of fame? If you’re into it, would you be willing to coordinate it as part of a neighborhood organization?

More bike parking?

More free movie posters?

More events like the “Up the Oscars” annual party?

More weird toppings for the popcorn?

How do you feel about our recent $5 Mondays? Yeah, if you like it so much, how come you’re not in line? (Besides the fact that you figured out we haven’t shown pornos here since 1974…)

I hope the bathrooms stay the same; they’re very photogenic. But how about serving beer and pizza, like that badass (and very community-oriented) Parkway Speakeasy Theater in Oakland?

Get in touch via the Roxie Theatre Facebook Page, or shoot an email to sfschism(att)yahoo(dott)com.

Photo by Melissa Gira.

Cars Catch Beatdown on Capp

An anonymous SFist reader shares the story:

Walking last night around 10:30 near Capp & 22nd I saw some guys kicking the shit out some cars, breaking the side view mirrors off and denting them and basically just attacking them. I followed them from a safe distance while they continued down Capp past 23rd kicking the shit out of every car along the block, sometimes pausing to really lay into them. I was on the phone to 911 the whole time so the cops caught them. They came pretty fast.


Wells Fargo Bears Brunt of Mysterious Protest

Whilst shopping at my favorite little corner store at 16th and Mission, I saw out of the corner of my eye some people run by in the street. Then said people were suddenly awash in red and blue lights. And there was yelling on a bullhorn and big signs and more people. A protest against something or other had materialized in front of my eyes in a matter of seconds.

Strangely, the protesters converged on Wells Fargo holding a 5′x5′ sign that said, “No Police in Greece,” or something like that. I might have remembered more specifically what the sign said had any aspect of the protest- like, at all- made any sense.

After watching for a few minutes and listening to the guy with the bull horn yell (again, not exactly, but basically), “We’ll burn your face off,” I headed across the street to ask some questions. I started with a kid who was holding one side of the aforementioned giant sign.

Me: So what’s the deal?
Him: We’re protesting.
Me: Against what?
Him: Against a police state.
Me: glances around at the dozen or so police officers protecting the protesters and their right of free speech. Wow, it’s really nice of these police officers to protect you while you protest against them.
Him: blank stare.
Me: What’s this about Greece?
Him: It’s about the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos. He was killed by police in Greece.
Me: Why Wells Fargo?
Him: Huh?
Me: Why are you protesting in front of Wells Fargo?
Him: We don’t like banks.
Me: This bank, or just all banks?
Him: All banks. We’re going to be stopping at a few others.
Me: Ok, that’s cool. So who organized the protest?
Him: Nobody.

Feeling even more confused than when I started talking to this kid, I moved up the street a little and questioned a police officer who was waiting dutifully on his motorcycle.

Me: So what’s the deal?
Police Guy: I don’t know, they’re protesting all over the place. Their last stop was New College. You know the one on Valencia Street?
Me: Yeah. What are they protesting against?
Police Guy: They’re mad at us police. We wouldn’t let them occupy some building earlier.
Me: So why are they protesting outside Wells Fargo?
Police Guy: I don’t know. Earlier they took a vote and everyone voted to just go drink at a bar, but the guy with the megaphone over there, he vetoed that. So they’re here.

I walked away thinking how much I love this ridiculous city.


They don’t fuck around in Athens on Unburying the Lead.

Laser war in Athens on Danger Room.

People on Mission Street

We’re digging juicyrai‘s photos. Click to enlarge.

Recycle Dumpster Self Ejects Cans, Plastic Bottles?

Nope. Funny story though, Güero:

I spied a recycle dumpster which appeared to be self ejecting cans and plastic bottles. Then after a moment, a Latino gentleman popped his head out- wiping sweat with one hand and talking on his cell phone with the other. It was an interesting sight and despite his mess making, he collected everything neatly and didn’t leave a trace.


Disorder on Guerrero

outlawdiva says:

Big accident/police/parameds @Market/Guerrero. Fire 16th/Guerrero.

Link. Everybody OK?