Barfing Buddy Facilitates Flirtation

What a find! I hope these two reconnect:

Your friend puked all over projectile style – w4m – 22 (mission district)

i told you i was going to do this. so hopefully you believed me and have been checking missed connections religiously since last night(friday the 9)….doubtful but worth a shot. i saw you through the window, i was with some friends, there was definitely eye contact. then your friend started puking everywhere! it was actually sort of incredible because he didn’t even have to hunch over, it was like a hose or something. it was sort of hypnotizing…..anyways after we finshed eating my friends and i came to talk to you all about the intense puking. still there was eye contact, but you seemed really shy. your other friends were talking a lot more, maybe you couldn’t get a word in. maybe you didn’t want to. anyways, i’m curious, i thought you were really cute. i’ve never been the type to post a missed connection, but i told you i would and i’m true to my word. so hopefully you or one of your friends gets this and gives you the word or something, worth a try right?

Link. Also, somebody should definitely write a love song about this and call it “Projectile Style.” (Thanks, Katie!)

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