Jay Reatard Roundup

Jay Reatard is playing the Independent tonight. I’ll go, and I like that place, but it all really just makes me miss 12 Galaxies more. Please somebody let me know if the band is planning on playing some kind of secret show at the Knockout or something while in town.


Really Engaging Jay Reatard Q&A on A.V. Club.

Jay Reatard Covering a Beck Song (wtf?) on YouTube.

Jay Reatard is Waaay Better Than the Black Keys on Mission Mission.

I Love 12 Galaxies on Mission Mission.

One Response to “Jay Reatard Roundup”

  1. phlavor says:

    12 Gs! Saw a lot of great acts there myself but on the jamband vibe. The landlord tripled the rent and that’s after the club owner soundproofed the skylight to keep the neighbors happy and as a result, upgraded the AC to make it less oven like. I’ll bet that spot remains vacant for the next 5 years.