Joaquin Phoenix Shaves Crazy Beard For Appearance at San Francisco Planning Commission Hearing


Good to see that boy back on his feet after all the rap career hubbub.

Screenshot by Many Machines.

20 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix Shaves Crazy Beard For Appearance at San Francisco Planning Commission Hearing”

  1. Matt G says:

    this guy maybe have been my favorite

  2. Matt G says:

    in his public comment he said that american apparel flew him up from LA to be a voice from the public and testify how great american apparel was. he gave a shit about american apparel a lot less than any of you that posted 50 missionmission comments about how much you supposedly didn’t care.

  3. Alex says:

    Wait, can you clarify, Matt? He was flown from LA to speak in favor of American Apparel? But his actual public comment was clearly unenthusiastic?

  4. johnny0 says:

    Check the other thread for detail. Next to the guy who sang his appeal (no I’m not kidding), Joaquim was #2. #3 was Mr Habitual Ritual Hater. It was good viewing. If it’s archived you should certainly watch.

  5. Matt G says:

    yeah his dialogue went something like,

    “American Apparel has flown me up from LA to talk about the glories of having an American Apparel near me. They told me to say, ‘buffalo exchange is a chain and how they’re already in there and whatevs’ and told me that I should say ‘i love a company that is so caring about communites. Now I’ll read you a quote from Obama.”

    Basically, the guy saw a free ticket to San Francisco, took them up on it, and then kind of screwed them over with his worthless testimony that revealed the company’s lack of support.

    The best part was when he layered the cheese on so thick that myself and everyone near me couldn’t stop laughing when held up his fist and said, “LEGALIZE VALENCIA, LIKE WE HAVE BEEN LEGALIZING LA FOR YEARS NOW.”

  6. Debbie Z says:

    Johnny: Please can you clarify — Which other thread? And does anyone know where the video is archived? Sounds like the whole thing was pretty entertaining!

  7. 94110 resident says:

    Stupid Mission hipsters and their bullshit whining about AA being on Valencia. Nice to know that in a neighborhood with a high murder rate, shitty roads and blighted blocks (27 current storefront vacancies) that this is what it took to get their leggings in a bunch.

  8. johnny0 says:

    @ debbie, play-by-play and other assorted, sordid commentary here:

    the video should be archived here:

    sit back, crack a 40 and let the games begin. (this would make a most excellent drinking game…)

    hey, will someone make a highlight reel?

  9. mark says:

    @94110 resident:

    for one thing, valencia street has not one blighted block. for another, if you watched the meeting, you heard person after person talk about how they have been trying in vain to rent a storefont on valencia (at market rate or above) but have been unable to. unless you think they are lying, it seems like landlords are sitting on those properties until the rent goes up. but i’m glad you’re devoting your energies to talking shit rather than doing anything to fix the (2/3 real) problems you’re complaining about.

  10. Matt G says:

    So now he appears to be a photographer for SFist named Manny Ortez, though at the hearing he calls himself Dustin Cataclass. Maybe it just really is Joaquin Phoenix.

  11. ct says:

    That “Manny Ortez” label is just the photo credit.

    I didn’t actually think this was really Phoenix. Though that would be amazing.

  12. Debbie Z says:

    No, that’s definitely not Phoenix.

  13. raimondo says:

    12,000 jobs were lost in San Francisco in DECEMBER

  14. mission hipster says:

    whoever Big Glasses Baseball Mitt is, he sure put AA in their place. The mission doesnt need or want any of their stores.

    legalize joaquin phoenix!

  15. Treat Ave says:

    We don’t want another Sold out Haight, I’m proud AA got kicked out. And I don’t think 12 crappy, underpaid jobs will take a bite out of the recession. They hire trust fund college kids anyway.

  16. restlave says:

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  17. Kimeog says:

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