Hot Dog Bust!

Says Sangroncito:

Yesterday I watched the cops surround and bust one of the hot dog street vendors on Mission at 22nd Street.  Felt sorry for the poor guy….I just don’t see the threat posed by hot dogs.


7 Responses to “Hot Dog Bust!”

  1. iliveheresf says:

    Because they don’t have permits.

    The hot dogs are the best things to eat in the Mission. :-(

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  3. Erik says:

    If you don’t see the threat posed by uninspected hot dog carts then you’ve never gotten food poisoning.

  4. zinzin says:

    could also be local restos complaining…

    that said, so many more important things on which the the police could focus.

  5. Devin says:

    Not to mention the underground Kingpin of Hot Dog Carts, “El Gordo” who is mentioned here:

    He sounds scary…

  6. Mision Dog Dave says:


    I walked around two nights in a row this weekend, trying to find me a mission dog.

    Meanwhile how many shootings were there… thanks for wasting your time on the carts police, great job.

    If we didn’t make it such a cat and mouse game with these cart vendors people would come to know/respect these street vendors as members of our community. With the vendors reputation at stake we could begin to trust the quality of their product more. (eg. Virginia the Tamale lady)

  7. sangroncito says:

    Erik, I have had food poisoning (at a N.Y. deli)……but never from street food, and that includes street food from all over the world. I’ve eaten Mission Street hot dogs straight off the cart, smoothered with onions and all the other goop they put on it and I’m alive and well! Yesterday’s bust was overkill…four cops against one sad hot dog vendor. They made him pack up and leave.

  8. daylurker says:

    there was also a good bit of harassing other st. vendors. there’s a nice woman who sells those barbies in crocheted dresses around 22nd, and she was getting it too. i’ve been thinking it’s time to bring on the southern st workers theme: let em work let em live. anyway you gotta.