The police crackdowns have got me all paranoid.

6 Responses to “Narc?”

  1. mcas says:

    ….what about that serial killer looking salt ‘n pepper ‘cannabis taffy’ salesman… that guy is so obviously either a cop (uses the word ‘cannabis’)or drifter/serial killer (look at his eyes.)…

  2. sangroncito says:

    Yesterday I watched the cops surround and bust one of the hot dog street vendors on Mission at 22nd Street. Felt sorry for the poor guy….I just don’t see the threat posed by hot dogs.

  3. Jackson West says:

    Crap, there goes my plan to open up an outlaw foodie stand in Washington Square Park. The fuzz would probs be after me like glaze on a donut.

  4. G. says:

    Beware of an older dude wearing a Cal Poly Mustangs jacket (yellow and green) and an A’s hat. He asked me “where I can score some pot” as I smoked a joint. I pulled a Snoop Dogg from Half-Baked and told him I quit yesterday. His matching green and yellow ensamble was a bit too college-cool-coordinated.

  5. oncle says:

    I don’t think he’s a narc. He resembles the dude I bought from at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. They were strong.

  6. e. says:

    Yeah this guy weirded me out on Saturday, making me wonder:
    Why is there no cover to his brownie tray? There is no way he can put that away fast enough if the cops come.