Guardian Angels in the Mission


Reader mcas spotted this crew on Saturday in an alley near Pancho Villa.

Thanks, mcas!

14 Responses to “Guardian Angels in the Mission”

  1. mcas says:

    Not the best photo, but I was a bit intimidated to take their photo… there was about 15 of them standing around about to do something, I gather. They each hand handcuffs, too. Kinda weird.

  2. zinzin says:

    these folks are taking serious risks for the benefit of the hood. serious risks. personally, i applaud them.

  3. Mel says:

    There was a shooting at 23rd and Florida Saturday around 4:30 in the afternoon (some details at Mission Loc@l). And helicopters circling over the area for a couple of hours on Sunday. Most of the “mess” was covered up on Sunday by a castle-shaped jumping house that was on the sidewalk for a birthday party.

    Something else was up outside of DeLano’s on Saturday. Still blood on the sidewalk on Sunday.

    The garbage and graffiti is pretty bad right now too. Feels like everything is spiking. Coincidence that these guys are showing up too?

  4. zinzin says:

    probably not a coincedence.

    economy’s down, summer’s coming, number of bums always increases this time of year…it certainly has in our corner of the hood….it’s been like that last few years as it gets warmer. this past weekend was particularly rowdy, if thankfully homicide-free.

    i also saw blood on the corner of 16th & capp this morning, and witnessed some police / EMT action at 16th & SVN on saturday.

    shit is gonna get worse before it gets better i would say. i think this is gonna be a busy summer for the mission police station.

    that said, it’s a good time to invest in the hood. restos are opening at mission & fucking 17th / 18th, deep in the heart o funkiness. the corner…and prague cafe i heard where that old country sushi joint was i think.

    and home prices are still tanking….good time to invest.

    the pendulum will swing. change is inevitable.

  5. sangroncito says:

    hmmmm….I’m not a fan of these crypto-cops…..

  6. Drew says:

    They look like they’re attending a Hugo Chavez rally. But I’ll be extra nice to them, half from thankfulness and half from a psychological mistrust of red berets…

  7. e. says:

    Whenever these guys come around the ‘hood they only serve to freak me out more, like if they need to be there, I should be worried.

  8. zinzin says:

    sigh. unfortunately, more or less, we all SHOULD be worried.

  9. codesmith says:

    Do they have a website or something? Who are they? Where/How do they organize?

  10. jeffo says:

    I watched Saturday around noon as these guys apprehended a super-wasted guy who suddenly shoved one of them on the sidewalk for no reason at all. He then brandished his liter of Taaka at them like a weapon. While a coolheaded guy talked Stumbles McGee down, one of the angels snuck behind him, stole his half-empty bottle and poured it out on a bush. He wandered off after that. Spectacle.

  11. Draco says:

    A lot of posters sound like freaked out xenophobes who are full of fear and distrust. You guys get freaked out by gays and blacks too all dressed differently than you? Maybe you’re the weirdo dressed all crazy. Ever think about that? Maybe you’re way too concerned about appearances and image instead of content and substance. Maybe you got nothing better to do than post negative stuff thinking the world sucks and if you take down someone else for trying to improve the world, you’ve done your part in being a total loser not just half a loser.

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