Coming Soon: China Fun Fast Food


Kevin Montgomery just snapped this shot of 24th Street’s newest restaurant-to-be, China Fun Fast Food. Kevin wonders, “I wonder how fun it will be.” Link.

Thanks, Kevin!

12 Responses to “Coming Soon: China Fun Fast Food”

  1. Drew says:

    Yay! Heung Yuen is pretty good, but we need some more varied Chinese restaurants in this area of the Mission. Punjab is nas-tee…

  2. 24th & Bryant is where I live says:

    If its the same as the “express” one in the fidi then I AM FUCKING STOKED! That place rules:

  3. Monty says:

    The gate and front door was open a few hours after I took this picture. The inside looks pretty sterile and plain. Nothing fun about it. I hope they paint the walls with Unicorns or something.

  4. Mel says:

    After being hugely disappointed by the most recent spot to open up on 24th (George’s BBQ – sorry doesn’t do it for me – and even if it did, closing at 8:00 p.m.? Come on…..), I’ll be thrilled if this place has anything approaching decent Chinese.

  5. Lynae says:

    I’ll probably end up sticking with Punjab. Best wonton soup ever, weird vibe, inappropriate name, been there forever, and super friendly staff. Can’t beat it!

  6. nattles says:

    unicorns! rainbows! yesssss!!!!

  7. 24th & Bryant is where I live says:


    Uh yes, anything can beat that hellhole. China fun is great if they keep the same menu as they have downtown.

  8. guero says:

    @Lynae – do you attribute the weird vibe to the slightly “not all there” old lady that basically lives at the table she sits at? She has an interesting background story but I’m not sure if it is true. But I love the wonton soup too. Let’s face it, Punjab is not gourmet or authentic chinese food. It’s made for the american/mexican palette. I don’t think their food is amazing in anyway but believe it or not there are some highlights. One is the Cantonese Fried Chicken!!! Squeeze a lemon over it and just enjoy. Supposedly it’s a hot seller with the filipino staff at General Hospital. Some times they sell out!! I also like the rock cod in black bean sauce. Some times you can order off the menu too if ask the staff. For example, they make my dad a beef chowfun in black bean sauce that is damn tasty.
    yeah it has been there forever. My parents have been eating there since they opened in 1970 so the owner knows them and always takes care of them. I remember when they use to occupy the Wold Pioneer video next-door. It used to be the busiest restaurant in the neighborhood, by far. It was always packed and noisy. Obviously those days are long gone. The service can sometimes be very slow.

  9. Drew says:

    Well, if it is chafing dish Chinese it would have to be better than China Express Deli (Mission between 23rd and 24th). I was geared up to have bad Chinese one evening but took one look at their junk and high-tailed it outta there…

  10. codesmith says:

    Well thank gods it’s not a taqueria. Let’s hope they have decent food and can afford the 6k/month rent. Anyone hear about what happened to Alhambra?

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  12. Sullivan6 says:

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