Woody Allen in the Mission: Drinking, Nagging and Dropping Out

We sent our good buddy Pauline Anderson to see the Traveling Jewish Theatre production of Woody Allen’s The Floating Light Bulb the other night. Here’s what she had to say:

When you see that this play is written by Woody Allen, certain expectations for bizarre situational comedy take form. The family drama takes place in a working class Jewish household in Brooklyn. The usual suspects of dysfunction make an appearance: the father who never amounted to much is about to leave for his mistress; the mother drinks too much and nags her family forward on expectations and hope; the socially maladjusted teenage son just dropped out of school; his younger wise-cracking brother fills in for Shakespeare’s fool. Besides the big name of the playwright, come see this play for two reasons. First, Ben Freeman’s performance as Paul, the stuttering, shy yet magically talented son, includes an onstage nervous breakdown that is absolutely breathtaking. Secondly Paul’s long suffering mother Enid, played by Ellen Ratner, may drink but she has a fighting spirit something fierce and she absolutely shines throughout the show.

The production continues through May 24.

Thanks, Pauls!

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