New Benders Shirt Best Shirt Ever

new benders shirt

And only $15.

16 Responses to “New Benders Shirt Best Shirt Ever”

  1. misterpharmacist says:

    American Apparel?

    And what’s with all the Benders love on this blog? On any given night there are almost more “bros” in that bar than there are in all of Orange County.

  2. Glenparker says:

    Sorry to me it’s a boring unimaginative design. Who doesn’t use the lightning bolt?

  3. GG says:

    Bros or no, their Hail Seitan veggie Philly cheesesteak is the best one in SF.

  4. kiya says:

    Were it not for Benders i would not be who i am today.

  5. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    American apparel is mad flimsy with a terrible euro neckline. Way too ineffectual for a Bro-T. I work in IT and Intel has started to use AA for there free-tees and they suck ass.

  6. Karl Long says:

    Benders has got some of the best burgers in San Francisco and Pliny The Elder on tap, ’nuff said :)

  7. brian says:

    Didn’t they have one with Bender from Futurama?

  8. Amanda says:

    Benders is such a rad bar. They were super welcoming when I brought a ridiculous pub crawl through last weekend.

    I really love that place and the burgers are amazing

  9. meligrosa says:

    im diggin the superhero vibe. though id much prefer an edition of bender, futurama bender, drinking an anchor. thatd be sweet.