Everyday People in the Mission

ScreenHunter_06 Aug. 07 15.03

ScreenHunter_07 Aug. 07 15.04

Says Jeremiah Maller the photographer:

I instantly fell in love with the Mission neighborhood when I moved to San Francisco about two years ago. When I recently moved to the Mission (3 months ago) I started documenting the people I run into on the street. See the results in the Mission Faces gallery [here].

What a document! Nice faces, y’all!

4 Responses to “Everyday People in the Mission”

  1. one says:

    What are these, before and after pictures?

    Mostly mean-looking 20-somethings and sour, deranged drug addicts.

    With the interspersion of some friendly people. Sums up a vision of the mish.

  2. pete says:

    You say nice faces, but I think I ran into this guy on Hoff St. today — He had a backdrop set up on Hoff St., and he said something like, “do you want to make a mean face or a sad face?” So that may have something to do with the faces in the portraits. Same guy?

  3. Special Sauce says:

    Yes Pete, that’s him. His other site is titled” “That which only a mother could love.”

  4. Drew says:

    My mission is not nearly so surly. A little more borracho, however…