PSA: DO NOT Take Cushions Without Taking the Couch!


But don’t worry, passing out, puking, pissing, then defecating on the couch is NOT forbidden.  Just so long as you don’t take the cushions.

(A friendly public service announcement found on Oakwood between 18th and 19th by everyone’s favorite Greek Mission resident, Corinnalink)

3 Responses to “PSA: DO NOT Take Cushions Without Taking the Couch!”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Rite of passage in San Francisco: The New Couch and its consequences.

    Our old one was a gray velvet sectional. Actually a very handsome couch, and when we made a new one ourselves (don’t laugh — its an awesome couch) we thought that the old one would be snapped up, so we hauled it to the curb and put a sign on it: Free Couch!

    Then all the pillows (16 fucking pillows, if you must know) disappeared and we were like, uh oh. We had the carcass hauled away. Afterward, for months, and all over town, we would see drunk homeless guys lounging on our pillows. Two here, three there. It was disturbing.

    The our housekeeper left us a note: “Hey I love your old couch! Where is it? I’ll trade you a month’s free housekeeping for it!”


  2. 17 year local says:

    Sofa Free…. all or nothing!
    I’m sure you’ve seen this.

  3. chalkman says:

    “Free Couch” is just code for “Piss Here”.