Give a Guy Kettle Chips, Get Robbed at Gunpoint

Looks like there is a slight uptick in gunpoint-robberies in the Mission.  Mission Loc@l reports there was a robbery at 2:23 last Thursday morning.  A tipster also tells us this tale from Thursday afternoon:

I got robbed by a dude with a gun at the laundromat at 20th and Guerrero, at around 6 pm.  We were both hanging out at the laundromat for like 45 minutes, me waiting for my stuff to dry and him I guess working up the nerve to rob me. About 15 minutes after I got there he came over and said he was hungry, so I gave him the bag of kettle chips I was eating. He didn’t look or sound very threatening. But what do I know, because about 30 minutes after that he pulled out a gun and told me to put my purse on the table and get on the floor. Like I said, there was no cash or anything valuable in my bag ( which I tried to tell him, but he just threatened to shoot me).

Description of the above robber? “tall, very skinny, sort of hungry/stressed out looking black guy, maybe late twenties?”

12 Responses to “Give a Guy Kettle Chips, Get Robbed at Gunpoint”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    20th & Guerrero? That’s practically PacHeights for god’s sake. When will the hipster robberies stop?

    • olu says:

      too true.

    • chucky says:

      Does everybody get how “authentic” Mission Mistaken is? This person is the real deal. Making light light of someone getting robbed–now that’s what I call HIP!

    • AK47 says:

      “20th & Guerrero? That’s practically PacHeights for god’s sake. When will the hipster robberies stop?”

      ^ Comparing Valencia/Guerrero to Pacific Heights? That’s practically the hippest thing you can do for god’s sake. You’re SO much more Mission than anyone else!

  2. brian says:

    oh man, i just started some laundry there like 10 minutes ago

  3. ellen says:

    uhg… i got mugged on that corner last month

    • greg says:

      Ellen — details?

      • ellen says:

        i live on the corner. a guy followed me from guerrero and 21st to 20th at 10pm. as i was entering my building he ran up behind me, grabbed my bag off my shoulder and ran. i gave chase, the cops came within minutes. i got my bag back and the guy was arrested. also, just wanna say i totally appreciated the help i recieved from the people who live in the area and called the cops for me that night.

  4. jimbeam says:

    I blame the Kettle Chips.

  5. Lapidgeon says:

    I blame the shit laundry infrastructure in this city.

    A million dollars to the person that gets the city to mandate a city wide e-payment system at the laundrymats in the city. Then no one need to bring anything to the spot except their dirty clothes, detergent and plastic card that is useless except for buying laundry time. That or the laundrymats gotta start giving out micro-loans with all the hard currency reserves they have in those change machines.

    Bottom line is that with laundry costing as much as it does these days, we can’t afford to NOT enact these reforms.

  6. Sangroncito says:

    desperate times….