Fugly Tonayense Truck On The Road

photo 3

It basically went down like this:

  • I crashed some house party near Homestead
  • My friend showed up with a mason jar full of whiskey sour
  • Fashion tip: mason jars are the new hip flask
  • He claimed there was half a bottle of whiskey in the jar, but I figured he was just exaggerating and went to task
  • The next thing I know, it’s 10a.m., my laundry is washed, most of the dishes are clean, and I feel like I drank half a bottle of Seagram’s.
  • I decided to bike to Muir Beach rather than wallow around the city
  • I found the goddamn Tonayense truck on Highway 1

One Response to “Fugly Tonayense Truck On The Road”

  1. katherine says:

    yeah, i heard about those whisky sours.