Sundown Roof-Jumper


I’m going against my better judgment and posting this.  Kat’s post has the full story.

(Pic by lil_tuffy)

15 Responses to “Sundown Roof-Jumper”

  1. superlative judgement says:

    It’s a private matter, even if it is in public. The rubberneckers and youtube uploaders added to the spectacle. Resources that could have been helpful were too busy with crowd control. And shame on the gawkers on the roof of Duggan’s. People behaving badly.

    • Sangroncito says:

      There were plenty of rescue police and fire dept. personal on the roof and in front of the building. Crowd control did not deter efforts to help him. Don’t go all Republican on us.

  2. hep says:

    missionmission: defining hypocrisy once again.

  3. blagguy says:

    kevin, you’re not wrong or hypocritical in posting that image at all. the guy effectively shut down a main thoroughfare in the Mission for well over two hours. i was there and most of the people i spoke with agreed that they didn’t want to see him jump.

    it seems like more of a desperate cry for help than a tragedy. (granted at this point i don’t know if he ever did jump or not)

    anyways, i took a few pictures myself and am certainly not one who goes out seeking the macabre…

  4. jimbeam says:

    If the guy’s going to do that in public, people are going to watch/look. I love the dumb self-righteousness that seems to be in full force on Mission Mission these days, though. Keep it up, you guys are entertaining.

  5. Jake says:

    As someone who gawked, it’s hard not to look. And yeah, I took a picture. That said, seeing that fellow up on the roof was one of the most unsettling and sad things I’ve seen in a while. Not that it makes my gawking okay — it doesn’t. I sincerely hope he gets down okay.

  6. superlative judgement says:

    me too.

  7. Marco says:

    I just heard a bunch of cheering there at midnight — assuming he’s down safely?

  8. As someone who lost her boyfriend to suicide, I hope that those who shot photos and video further their efforts by supporting mental health conversations, reach out to loved ones who ever threaten suicide because those threats are the loudest cries for help, and don’t let this incident fall short in their minds. Suicide is becoming one of the highest killers in men and while everyone has their own story, this is a story that we all need to be talking about…not gawking about. peace out. amanda

  9. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Beautiful picture, actually, especially if it was taken with a phone. The sky is like something from a print by Hiroshige, and there’s that faint red glow on the side of the building.

    If the subject of this picture might someday be able to see and recognize the small beauty even in his worst moment, then the picture should be available for him to find.

    It beats remembering a lot of idiots laughing and snarking and complaining, that evening.

  10. Jocelyne says:

    Try living directly across the street having to look out your window and see this guy for 7+ hours. Yes that was my friend who lives on the 4th floor at 16th and Valencia. She is still reeling from the intense situation. That poor guy has mental problems and needs help. My friend now has a visual that will stay in her mind forever. Imagine having a birds eye view of a troubled person and feeling helpless that there is nothing you can do to help. I hope this guys gets the help he deserves and can come back from this debilitating disease and live a happy, fulfilling life like we all deserve.

  11. Sometimes life must feel unbearable when you fall through the cracks of society. Its happening more and more with programs being cut back and alcholism, drug addiction, and poverty on the rise. And when you have mental illness, it must be impossible to think in a rational way no matter what your situation is.

    I hope it doesnt have to happen to any of you. It could, you know.