PBR Light?


Carlos Reyes peeped this shit recently (warning: mp3 auto-play):

what the fuck. no thanks. that’d be like drinking water light

A quick Google query indicates they’ve been making this for a few years now.  How have I never seen this before?  Also, this photo reminds me of the Enterprise accelerating to light speed, which is pretty much what happens to my personality whenever I drink a few of these.

13 Responses to “PBR Light?”

  1. Eric says:

    Hipsters rejoice!

  2. SergDun says:

    a lame brought it around once, had one, it sucked, didn’t have another one.

  3. Juanpablo says:

    And what you don’t know is that there used to be Pabst Genuine Draft. Could buy it for $8.99 a 24 pack at Ralphs when I was in high school.

  4. troymccluresf says:


  5. ryan.joseph says:

    they still sell Pabst Genuine Draft, allthough its hard to find. i bought it at the smart&final on 7th and clement.

  6. Jon z says:

    i used to enjoy this in college years ago in upstate new york, it does not taste significantly different from PBR regular

  7. Mike says:

    I got Pabst Genuine Draft (PGD for those in the know) at the grocery outlet on 4th Street in Santa Rosa about 5 years back. It was really cheap.

  8. chalkman says:

    I miss PBR Bock….my dad used to drink those, no “pop-tops”, you had to open them with a “church key”

  9. jay says:

    really? you haven’t seen this? they still sell PGD and pbr light allllll throughout the city, you just gotta get out of the bubble that is the mission

  10. Smith says:

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