Video: A Conversation About My Trip to China

Yeah.  Made this vid about my travels this morning.  Guess it is worth watching.  Still super jetlagged and cannot sleep past 4 am.  English literature is scarce so this is what I did with my downtime.  EPIC.


No jokes: they actually have PBR in China and you can buy it for $0.07 USD. I wanted to be hella cool so I drank some on the back of the bus. love the back of the bus. I also need a haircut and learn how to take MySpace photos that don't make me look fat.

PBR Light?


Carlos Reyes peeped this shit recently (warning: mp3 auto-play):

what the fuck. no thanks. that’d be like drinking water light

A quick Google query indicates they’ve been making this for a few years now.  How have I never seen this before?  Also, this photo reminds me of the Enterprise accelerating to light speed, which is pretty much what happens to my personality whenever I drink a few of these.

Has Anyone Else Noticed That the Dolores Park Can Lady's Bag Matches a Box of PBR?