DIY Sparks

I was one of the many people who were mortally crushed when our own goddamn city cracked down on the delicious nectar of Sparks.  Great memories, such as pounding back 3 of these bad boys between 7 stops on the Green Line in Boston before seeing Snakes on a Plane (result: I was constantly hissing for 90 minutes in the theater, which I guess is risk-taking behavior), seemed like they were being robbed from me and future generations of completely irresponsible 20-somethings.  Luckily SFoodie, the best blog of all time, has both delivered and reviewed a formula for “Bathtub Sparks.” The result? “This is the best day of my life.”

What are your favorite Sparks memories?  Don’t tell me in the comments, because I don’t give a fucking shit.


11 Responses to “DIY Sparks”

  1. lol says:

    oh you’re from or went to school in Boston ? that explains a LOT.

  2. chalkman says:

    It’s never good to crack open your third Sparks at 3am….Arizona has the “Sparks EPIC”, a black topped can that is 7% instead of the 6% orange can…

  3. SFSunny says:

    Thank goodness for Andy Jean. Crackerjack mixologist/journalist of the year.

  4. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Um, yeah.

    If only I knew what you were talking about, I could comment.

  5. rat-a-tat says:

    i used to roll with my homeys a few years ago, going to ‘art shows’ and music ‘shows’ and such in SF (esp. the mission, of course), and we created “Team Sparks”. because you get to that point in a sparks-hole where you just need to stop on the street, point up, lunge down, and stance like you’re john travolta (70s version). that’s team sparks.