Market and 10th St. Finally Get it Right

Not long ago, well-intentioned yet completely clueless city planning folks changed the traffic flow on Market to force drivers to turn right on 10th St. rather than continue to cause congestion problems while attempting to turn on the ill-suited 8th St.  However, this unfortunately put the squeeze on bicycle commuters as they tried to navigate the narrow, somewhat dangerous bike lane bestowed upon them.  It seemed a lot of valuable space was wasted, being used as an unnecessary “buffer zone.”

Fortunately, logic has prevailed and the buffer zone is history, replaced by a wider, safer bike lane. Cyclists win!  How often does that happen in San Francisco?

BEFORE courtesy of Streetsblog SF

Childishly amateur stop motion traverse through the new scene after the jump . . .

What are you doing white pickup truck?

Not gonna work buddy. That lane's for Muni and taxis only!

See? Told ya.


And I'll just be on my way . . .

5 Responses to “Market and 10th St. Finally Get it Right”

  1. friscolex says:

    WOW, logic prevailed indeed! I was annoyed at the bad set-up just yesterday when I squeezed through, but didn’t bike to work today. Till tomorrow!

  2. mumbles says:

    I was so confused this morning when I hit 10th & Market. Honestly, I really didn’t mind merging to the left and into the soft hit pole area and I don’t see how painting in a new lane will solve anything.

  3. johnny0 says:

    They need to coat the bike lane with green sandpaint.

    Oh, and here’s an even more amateurish animated gif!

  4. Bob Dole says:

    Hey look, I can see my work!